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A push notification (AKA client notification) is a notification that shows up on one or more of your client devices without you having to explicitly request it — it's "pushed" to you, instead of you having to poll for it.


You should implement push notifications for yourself, your site so you don't have to poll your notifications page.

How to

No replicable indieweb solutions to Push Notifications yet. See #Projects below for work in progress and #Brainstorming for areas to explore.

IndieWeb Examples

Aaron Parecki

Aaron Parecki's site aaronparecki.com receives webmentions and then sends them to his own IRC channel, which then sends a push notification to his phone when his IRC status is "AFK" status. The notification sends just the two URLs (source, target), and the type of webmention, e.g. reply, like, etc. mention-app (see Projects below) is his eventual goal.

Ben Roberts

Ben Roberts's site uses Google Cloud Messaging service to send notifications to his phone and desktop. This uses the new Push API still being implemented in browsers. The notification simply links to ben.thatmustbe.me/activity but more recent versions would allow for pushing information to the notifier as well. While mobile works, it seems to forget itself after a time (restart of phone?).


Out of the box Known supports browser push notifications (on Chrome, and possibly(?) others) for interactions with posted content (likes and comments).

Jamie Tanna

  Jamie Tanna converts webmention interactions to push notifications, previously using Pushbullet, but now using Pushover.

Jamie has copied aaronpk's idea of the Okta Factors API for push notifications for IndieAuth logins https://www.jvt.me/posts/2020/11/11/okta-factors-api-passwordless/

Jamie also plans to use a `notify` scope to allow clients to notify him, using a specific notification service (yet to be written).

Silo Examples

  • On 8/10/16 WordPress.com began using push notifications in Chrome & Firefox to notify blog users of likes and comment interactions on their sites. They indicated: "Browser notifications give you a real-time sense of your readers’ reactions, allowing you to stay more engaged with your audience."


Mention app

Main article: mention-app
  • Aaron Parecki brainstormed an iOS app (for now called just mention-app) to send him push notifications from an h-feed. Thus, if a server publishes received webmentions into an h-feed page, the app will get those (hopefully via PuSH, last resort via polling), and propagate them to the user's iOS device.


For notifications from an indieweb site to a web browser on a device, you may be able to use one or more of the following:

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