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A static site is a website that is served by a web server directly from the file system.

  • SecuriTay ‏@SwiftOnSecurity:
    All I know about Paul Graham is he uses static HTML pages instead of Wordpress and that makes him smarter than most of us.

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Main article: static site generator

Sending Webmentions

The services below can be used to send Webmentions for a static website.


Telegraph is an open source project and hosted service for sending Webmentions and pingbacks. You can use it to send mentions to all links on a page, or send a webmention with specific source and target.


stapibas is an application that sends linkbacks for all links in an atom feed, and receive incoming linkbacks.


lazymention is a server that, when pinged, will crawl an h-feed and send Webmentions for any new content it sees. There may be a hosted version eventually, but AJ Jordan has to work out some security things first.


github-to-webmention is a self-hostable server that can receives a GitHub webhook notifying it of changes to a static site. It then finds links in new posts and sends webmentions to those targets from the new page.

Receiving Webmentions

The services below can be used to receive webmentions for a static website.

Main article: is an open-source project and hosted service for receiving webmentions for registered sites and allowing those to be displayed through javascript.

Main article: is an open-source project and hosted service for receiving webmentions and pingbacks on behalf of your indieweb site.

Log HTTP POST data

If you're self-hosting and control the web server you can have it log HTTP POST requests sent to your webmention endpoint URL in a log file. Then you look at the log file with your a text editor and respond manually, or script it, or whatever you like. An example of how to do this with nginx is at "A static, manual system for *receiving* webmentions (and pingback) with nginx"


Static sites that wish to support Micropub will need to run a Micropub endpoint somewhere that has access to the file storage used by the static site or static site generator.

There was a session at 2020/London on Static Websites and Micropub which may have some additional brainstorming ideas as well.

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