October 21-28, 2016

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Homebrew Website Club Meetup

San Francisco, Portland
Homebrew Website Club Meetup
Join us for an evening of quiet writing, wiki editing, IndieWeb demos and discussions! Create or update your personal web site! Finish that blog post you’ve been writing, edit the wiki! Demos of recent IndieWeb breakthroughs, share what you've gotten working! Join a community with like-minded interests. Bring friends that want a personal site! Any questions? Ask in the chatroom!
PHP Göteborg Meetup 5
Göteborg (Sweden)

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IndieWebCamp LA
West side of Los Angeles (Santa Monica), California
IndieWebCamp BERLIN
Mozilla Berlin
IndieWebCamp Berlin 2016
Seattle GNU/Linux Conference (SeaGL)
Seattle Central College 1701 Broadway Seattle, WA
IndieWeb 101: owning your content and identity

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Self-Hosting a custom news publishing system part 1
by 1-m.cc on

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Vine was a service for sharing six-second-long looping videos.

Created by gRegorLove on Thursday and edited 2 more times


device-deaths are like site-deaths, except of physical devices made useless by their manufacturer or otherwise dependent service either explicitly shutting them down (bricking) or becoming inoperable due to the site-death of said service.

Created by tantek on Monday and edited 2 more times

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h-as was an attempt to match ActivityStream vocabulary to microformats..

Created by GWG on Monday and edited 1 more time


postsquare (or postsq) is a portmanteau of "post" (meaning after) and "Foursquare" (the checkin service) meaning a checkin post made after the fact, that is, after the person posting it was actually at the location, or perhaps after they arrived at the location.

Created by Tantek.com on Monday


accessibility is a practice of designing, developing and editing websites so that people with disabilities can have equal access to their information and functionality.

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Homebrew Website Club Meetup

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