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The Organizers' Meetup Berlin 2018 was a half-day of activities and sessions before IndieWebCamp Berlin 2018, for everyone who has co-organized an IndieWebCamp in the past two years or at least two Homebrew Website Club meetups with at least one meetup photo.


Similar to 2018/Organizers, the Organizers' Meetup sessions are open to everyone who has co-organized an IndieWebCamp from 2015-2018, planning an IndieWebCamp later this year, or co-organized at least two Homebrew Website Club meetups during those years, and posted at least one meetup photo. If you’re not sure, ask an organizer.


Please add yourself below if you will be participating in the Organizers' Meetup:

Remote Participation

If you can't make it in person but you're available to participate remotely, please add yourself below. Please note that we'll likely make use of Mozilla's remote conference setup, which requires the Vidyo Desktop Client. The link to join the live chat will be at https://2018.indieweb.org/vidyo


Sorry to miss you, let us know if you can't make it and we'll try to reach out with specifics that may apply to your city.


    • 06:30 - 10:30 PST (UTC-8)
    • 09:30 - 13:30 EST (UTC-5)
    • 14:30 - 18:30 UTC
    • 15:30 - 19:30 CEST (UTC+1)


Friday 2018-11-02:

  • 13:37 Organizers' lunch at ???
  • 15:30 Organizers' Meetup (LM) start & intros
  • 16:00 Organizers' Meetup Sessions
  • 19:00 Organizers' Meetup Wrap-up & Next Steps
  • 19:30 Organizers' Meetup closes and
  • 19:45 dinner outside and free time
    • ...

Other Organizers' related activities (just FYI, unless you want to help)

  • ...


  • Tantek Çelik suggestion reading/viewing BEFORE the meetup:
    • everything linked from this section "Why to avoid negative behaviors" from the microformats wiki
      • especially Kathy Sierra article and Google Videos about dealing with poisonous people
  • Tantek Çelik consider BEFORE meetup, discuss at meetup:
    • should IWCs have red and yellow lanyards for no photo, or ask before taking photo?
      • this might result in that interesting scenario that while the meeting itself was quite diverse, the photos will not reflect it, should people exclude themselves from the pictures, and I remember this being a trouble point with indieweb when it popped up on Twitter as a topic. I definitely don't like random photos taken about me, but I'd very much encourage participating in at least a group picture - Peter Molnar
  • Tantek Çelik consider IWC Organizer kits with:
    • stickers (IWC, mf, webmention, etc.)
    • pins (IWC, mf, pronoun)
    • nametags (ideally HELLO MY URL IS)
    • red / yellow lanyards for no photo or ask before taking
    • ... if this is a good idea, create a separate page for it (linked from [[Organizers]) and make a checklist, and/or way to order (some/most) these things as a set)
  • Tantek Çelik
    • What did we think we did right / better / worse compared to last year?
    • What did we leave open / unresolved from 2018/Organizers?
    • What new community challenges have we encountered since?
    • What are the most important things we can do to improve the community in the coming uyear?
    • Which of those are the easiest / most scalable?
  • Remaining/ongoing tasks from 2018/Organizers#Task_List
  • ...
  • Tantek Çelik
    • we should re-evaluate the generations page (again) at the Organizers meetup
    • It's becoming increasingly imprecise, inaccurate, misleading, and perhaps even alienating and we need to fix that ASAP


13:37 Lunch: TBD

15:30-19:30 Organizers' Meetup meeting: Mozilla Berlin! (Room TBD, has Vidyo)

19:45 Dinner after: Sadhu

IndieWebCamp Berlin Organizers having dinner inside at a restaurant.

Local Participants

Remote Participants

  • ...


Ideas from this page and from Organizers#Issues were listed in the etherpad and then sessions were put in a rough priority, or given an explicit time slot.

Proposed from this page

  • 18:30 Photo with remote attendees!
  • 19:00 prep for keynotes tomorrow (aaronpk, tantek)

Proposed from Organizers

  • ...


Please review 2018/Organizers#Next_Time and propose new topics on Organizers#Issues.

At the Organizers' Meetup, notes will be taken in etherpad and later archived here.

... Session Name ...

When: 2018-11-02 HH:MM

Proposer: {{proposer}]

Task List

Note the tasks coming out of sessions.

  • ...

Next Time

These topics were suggested but did not get discussed at this Organizers' Meetup.

  • ...



  • Afternoon of 2018-11-02, because:
    • afternoon = remote participation with US organizers
    • break for dinner / random organizer bonding activity

Options: (please note your opinions/thoughts below!)

  • ...


more photos on Flickr

Etherpad Notes

From: https://etherpad.indieweb.org/2018-Berlin-Organizers

IndieWebCamp Berlin 2018

Session: Organizers Meeting



We'll be using the #indieweb-meta IRC channel (#meta in Slack) to coordinate, chat-wise, during the meeting.


  • Wiki barriers to entry
  • CoC outside events
  • promoting events

Task List

  • Go over /2018/NYC/Organizers page to collate #Task_List (assign someone who wants to do wiki gardening)
  • Capture the “how to organize”. Break out https://indieweb.org/IndieWebCamp#How_to_organize. Also include https://indieweb.org/Planning#Organize.
  • Create budget committee for funding indieweb-adjacent events;
    • People for the committee,
    • Set up guidelines, process, and ground rules.
    • Note: one ground rule will be to be funding events that specifically address diversity and onboarding to our community.
  • Create budget committee for funding IndieWeb event travel
    • People for the committee: tmiller, tantek
    • Set up guidelines, process, and ground rules.
  • Add more people to the IndieWeb YouTube channel, to be able to start Hangouts.
  • Document the livestreaming kit
  • Evaluate iPad livestreaming kit
  • Clear discussion channels item from all /Organizers
  • ✅ Add Sven Knebel to IRC ops
  • Document community infrastructure
  • Document SPOA, when something can only be fixed by Aaron, who could volunteer to that that off.
    • Assigned: everyone
  • Collect list of session ideas that have worked for newcomers in the past
    • Assigned:
  • Write a page on how to run a session planning session
  • Write instructions on how to run an introduction session
  • Create HWC event pages for Marty McGuire’s events.

Lanyards for Photo Preference

jgmac1106: background - MozFest and other events have colored lanyards that indicate whether you are okay being photographed, etc. Pricing custom lanyards (to go with name badges) came out more affordable than custom "My URL is" stickers.

  • petermolnar, GWG discussed reusable lanyards and badges.
  • aaronpk: specifically we want to discuss whether and how we want to indicate photo preferences at IWCs. lanyards are common for this because they are more visible.
    • three colors: "okay to photo", "ask me", "no photo"
  • we can collect the lanyards at the end of the event
  • indicate on event pages / near photos that not all participants appear in photographs?
    • there is concern that people of diverse backgrounds opt out of photos more often, leading to a more homogenous group of people in photographs, appearance of less diverse attendees.
  • should we replace our use of stickers with lanyards for all events? (or start?)
    • it would be a new thing for organizers to take care of. could be optional to start.
    • can fall back on stickers, which are less visible, but perhaps IWC event sizes are small enough to check for stickers.
  • aaronpk proposes: can we agree that some kind of indicator for photo preference should be included in planning or future events?
    • seems like there is agreement on that among those present (and remote)
    • this lets us move on to Organizer Kits
  • Color choices:
    • Yellow for "Ask Me" (specifically: the yellow in the IndieWeb logo, if available)
    • Red for "No photographs" (specifically: the red in the IndieWeb logo, if available)
    • Any other color or lanyard from other events: "Photos OK"
  • for tomorrow: using markers to mark up our name badge stickers
    • a separate table with stickers. will also provide instructions about photo preference and how to mark up your name tag sticker.
      • will also put the pronoun pins on that table.
  • recycle / re-use box with a label encouraging people to return their lanyards and extra pins

Organizer Kits

aaronpk: especially with the addition of lanyard expectation, we should update our list of required physical materials for an IWC, and perhaps make it possible to ship a full kit to a new organizer.

what do you need/what do you have/how can you get them?

unlikely to be on hand

"Special Items"

  • stickers
    • IWC, microformats
    • photography preference stickers if no lanyards
    • pronoun stickers if no pins
  • pins
    • IWC, microformats
    • pronouns

"Generic items"

  • lanyards (color coded, yellow & red)
    • note for organizers: offer a recycle box to collect lanyards and pins after the event for reuse at future events.
  • lanyard-style name badge holders

likely easy to source locally or order quickly

  • large sticky notes
  • sharpies

less essential

  • event banner
  • smaller signs
    • "we are here"(IWC logo, directions around space)
    • "you are being livestreamed / recorded"
  • extension cords
  • power strips
  • livestreaming kit? - not part of the organizer kit, but worth discussing.
    • minimum viable (e.g. aaronpk's used iphone + bluetooth mic)

Which of these are required vs. typical vs. super?

Don't want to keep a stock of them, because we will change what's in the kit over time.

  • if tantek and aaronpk each have a full kit, that's North America covered.
  • jkphl covers Germany

We keep coming back to checklists rather than a physical "drop-shippable" essentials box of things people aren't likely to have themselves. Where *is* the checklist?

Switching gears because of time constraints.

Planning for Tomorrow

  • get more power strips
  • food available?
    • snacks and beverages in Moz snack and fridge area
      • take beer out since we don't want it at the IWC
    • lots of food in the area so let's suggest people go out
      • can get a list of places that cater to diff't dietary needs (two are being compiled tonight)
    • coffee: nespresso machine "we are not going to run out of pods"
  • wayfinding signs
    • kathrin made some (one for the third floor and one for outside of the building)
  • putting this topic on hold until julia gets back


we have a grant! we can afford to do a few things, with money!

  • one specific thing is diversity travel scholarships for IWC/Summit
    • need to formalize a process for applications, quick turnaround answers so people have time to get passports, visas, find hotels, book travel, etc.
  • cover some event costs (printing signs, banners, stickers, t-shirts?, ...)
    • some budget for branding and logo design also. building a branding kit.
      • icons for building blocks! homepage redesign! a square logo!
      • aaronpk is meeting up w/ a designer to put together branding guidelines doc.
      • tantek getting in touch with dan sederholm (??), who did the microformats logo, about doing more logos.
  • domain registration and hosting costs
    • could cover community infrastructure costs that individuals are paying (e.g. hwclondon.co.uk)
      • there is a line somewhere. need to define it. difference between personal project that everyone uses vs community infrastructure.
      • webmention.io and webmention.herokuapp.com are also question cases
  • grant is currently structured so that aaronpk is the one who submits payment requests to the people who manage the pool of money
    • proposal: have small volunteer committees for each point of the grant

  • formed the "IndieWeb Travel Bureau". will start figuring out travel scholarship process, docs around specific goals / critera, and mechanics of accepting, reviewing, and replying to applications.
    • tmiller
    • tantek
  • reimbursing for domains?
    • aaronpk: what if we didn't? punt on that and save the money for other things like kits and travel.
    • consensus seems to be, yep, let's not create a committee for this.
  • other community infra?
    • wiki, slack bridge, loqi
    • maybe Zoom as a remote solution for IWCs not at Mozilla offices?
  • paying people to help run "side events"
    • events outside of IWCs, like formal workshops
      • might also be attached to a larger event like WordCamps
    • like Drag Queen Build a Website Day (which has two interested sponsors already!)
      • could re-imburse instructor(s)
    • these could be considered Event Sponsorship (Micro)Grants
      • we would need criteria like "encourages beginners and all skill levels". diversity and inclusion as primary goals.
        • filter: getting more people online, getting a more diverse community online
      • this project came out of /2018/diversity session
      • would need another person or group of people to accept applications, seek out events?, and approve requests.
    • jgmac1106 volunteers to be on event funding committee.

Livestreaming Setups


  • ipad with wide angle lens on the front-facing camera on a tripod near the session table.
  • bluetooth microphone on the table for audio
  • allows people to join the hangout and participate remotely
  • also streams to hangouts on air for an archive
  • must use a laptop to start a hangouts on air. ipad joins to run the stream.
  • external power required!

Main room (intros/demos):

  • ipod or iphone (iphone SE can be acquired used for ~$100USD) on a tripod
  • bluetooth microphone near the people speaking
  • can stream directly to youtube from the phone
  • external power required!


  • jabra table mic (bluetooth)
  • small sony wireless kit, which comes out as a microphone jack and can plug into the iphone. requires microphone jack on the streaming device.

Tripod with phone holder attachment.

aaronpk will document the kit. martymcguire will test run it for sessions tomorrow.

Community Infrastructure

This seems to be an old item. Many of the issues listed there are resolved. The remaining issues may not be pressing.

  • need to compile a list of single-point-of-aaron things (aaronpk may need to do this)
    • search the logs for "aaronpk: oh crap"?
    • add items from chat "SPOA << [thing that happened or link to chat log]"
  • need a list of volunteers willing to do various things
    • irc ops
    • slack ops
    • manage domains
    • kick loqi?
    • ...

Diversity and Access

(start: 6:15pm. Ending timebox 6:45pm)

Always be improving.

Strides here:

  • new kinds of events (beyond HWC, IWC, IWS)
  • lanyards and pronoun pins
  • code of conduct helps (at least one person came to an IWC because it had a CoC)
  • underpresented people in keynotes talking about tech NOT diversity in tech
  • Expanding events to include meetups which have lower bar

Inrupt issues on Twitter around (lack of) diversity in their startup and the ensuing discussion (including Inrupt asking women to volunteer to do the work of improving diversity at Inrupt).

Diversity has many axes, we should be aware of and support as many as possible. Including but not limited to race, gender, background, language, accessibility needs, ...

Encouraging more diverse groups to run events

  • tmiller wasn't sure how much work would be required to start an HWC in terms of wiki editing and other "organizational" work.
    • mentoring helps
    • wiki wasn't clear about what was required vs optional.
    • even the name HWC is negotiable (Vancover has "IndieWeb Meetup Vancouver"
    • TODOs
      • HWC page, events page, and IWC pages need improvement on what it takes to run. AND what is required to attend.
        • tmiller spent a lot of time on the wiki trying to find out if it was beginner friendly or required prior knowledge.

t: would like to remove "expertise" from the definition / first impression people get about IndieWeb

  • martymcguire: our available content online is heavily technical or organizational. where is focus on celebrating the basics (e.g. highlighting people simply publishing on their own domains and celebrating that)

martijnvdvn: IWC organizers should work to make sure the event schedule has enough sessions that are interesting to people outside the community. beginner sessions, design sessions, etc.

  • jgmac1106: any "make your first website" session is very popular
  • t: let's make a list of past successful newcomer-friendly sessions to have for IWC organizers to draw from if the schedule needs more non-technical sessions.
    • user-centric, not named after plumbing
    • at IWC 2018, t opened session proposals to first time attendees first. ie - veterans were not allowed to propose a session until newcomers had done it.
      • aaronpk: felt that this really set the tone and lowered the anxiety in the room.
  • as organizer, try to balance the energy at the beginning. if the first proposal is extremely technical, step up and propose a newcomer-oriented session next.
  • assume there are beginners and plan accordingly.
  • Every event meta page: meetup, HWC, IWC:
    • Who is it for?
    • What skills or knowledge do I need?
    • What should I expect?
  • First time organizers

intimidation factor for intros and demos!

  • t: should remind organizers to make this friendly and non-intimidating as possible.
  • martijnvdvn: this worked will at Nuremberg because it went around the table in a circle.
    • reduced stress about who is next, no need for calls for volunteers
  • jgmac1106: what about unplugged intros? (no projection, no standing in line to present)
    • sknebel: have a single demo laptop. if someone has a complex demo they are self-selecting.

Wiki Events

aaronpk w/ context: there is a bunch of brainstorming about events planning on the site.

at summit 2017 we discussed setting up calagator for IndieWeb events. at the time there were technical hurdles:

  • wanted indieauth sign-in for the wiki
  • calagator doesn't understand sign-ins. this feature is large enough that it hasn't been added in the past year.

HWC organizers typically don't use individual HWC meeting day events as the link that they share to invite people to the events.

  • these pages list all cities meeting that day plus other (extraneous) info that are not relevant to the audience they are sending it to.
  • organizers feel concerned about stepping on other peoples' toes when editing multi-city event pages
  • there are existing workarounds that people have done because of this:
    • separate domains
    • separate wiki pages
    • only Facebook or Meetup with no event presence on indieweb.org at all.

The central problem: the multi-city HWC pages are not useful as event pages

  • they are good to document the events after-the-fact!
    • which cities met
    • photos
    • blog posts

Proposal: without implementing calagator, we can emulate it with the wiki.

  • each individual HWC event (date/time + city) has its own page.
    • allows for experimentation and customization by each city
    • lowers the barrier for individual organizers to put things on the wiki page
  • if we follow conventions, we can the automate the aggregation
    • day pages can roll up content from all cities that meet on that day
    • photos and blog posts can get pulled in
  • individual event pages can accept and display RSVPs
  • photos and blog posts could also be accepted via webmentions
  • Events layout example summarising cities/locations (homepage) https://www.codebar.io/#container
  • wish it was this easy: http://quickthoughts.jgregorymcverry.com/2018/11/02/homebrew-wesbite-club
  • +1 single page per event and I just do my page
  • we need an IndieWeb MeetUp page and then a template for adding MeetUps

Prep for Tomorrow

  • what keynotes?
    • aaronpk state of readers
    • "what is the indieweb?"
      • volunteer adactio to show off his site, posting interface, POSSE to twitter.
      • front-load our intro/demos as a way of replacing or re-enforcing an intro session.
  • julia found stickers for photographing preference
    • but not red stickers. there's a red pen that folks can use to make a dot or a red border.
  • joschi has an amazing collection of sticky notes and other IWC resources.
  • security already has everyone's names on visitor stickers

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