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A directory on the web lists websites or pages typically grouped by topic or areas of interest, sometimes using categories or tags, often useful for finding niche communities and discovering new websites.


Silos often provide recommendation engines or ideas about who to follow to give their users content to read. As IndieWeb adherents begin to own their own data on their own websites, they'll want services similar to these whether they are centralized or decentralized.

IndieWeb Examples


Main article: blogroll
  • Blogrolls were an early method of providing an personal mini-directory of websites that were interesting or influential to early bloggers.


Main article: webring

Indie Map

Main article: indie map

  • is a syndication service cum directory organized into various subs, similar to Reddit, created by Kicks Condor. All interaction with the site, such as linking and upvoting, is performed by Webmention. Discussion happens on blog posts themselves, as per Indieweb convention.


  • IndieNews is an indieweb news aggregator, similar to Hacker News, which only accepts submissions via webmention. The submissions form a defacto directory of people discussing IndieWeb related topics.


Hyperlink Node Directory

IndieWeb chat names

  • chat-names - a directory on the wiki of many people in the chat

  • is a directory inspired by the old, failed link collections like the original Yahoo! and DMOZ created by Kicks Condor

Colin Walker Webmention Directory

the dailywebthing linkport

The IndieWeb Directory on Glitch

Examples in the Wild

Now Now Now

Now Now Now is directory of people built by Derek Sivers. Incidentally, because of it's set up, this is also a directory of people who have their own websites. See also: Now

A list of servers with sites for a variety of people and users and based on the original

Personal Sites

Personal sites are awesome is a website, built by Andy Bell using a Github repo so we can all discover each others websites. All the links are by folks that want to share their site with the world.


OwnCast runs a directory of OwnCast instances at You can opt your instance in to publishing to the directory, and your instance will appear at the top when it's actively streaming.



  • How to build
  • Indieweb features
  • Centralized vs. Decentralized
    • Decentralized Search and the Indieweb Brainstorms about offering an alternative decentralized discovery means via blogrolls, linkblogs and particularly "many hundreds" of small directories. The theory being if people are constantly bumping into different directories everywhere they go, they will eventually start using them.

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