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lost sites are former sites (including IndieWeb sites) on domains that the owner abandoned or lost control over (AKA domain deaths), are unresponsive or often taken over by other parties, sometimes turned into zombies; links to such domains should be replaced with Internet Archive versions.

Note: a site that removes large (most or all) of its content has experienced a site-death and the domain owner may still be the same, they may use it for some other purpose. It's not a "lost site" in that regard since the owner still maintains control over it, and may restore some or most of the content eventually.

IndieWeb Examples

When adding a site here, either link it to its last valid/recognizable Internet Archive version (beware of archived zombie versions), or to the equivalen IndieWeb.org User:domain page.

Notable Independent Sites

Other Examples

Examples of domains linked from IndieWeb sites or other web standards / open web / web development or events related sites. If you find a dead domain from a link you previously blogged (or saw on this wiki), feel free to add it here carefully marked up like:


to avoid making a live link, and to help warn other IndieWeb folks and provide at least a minimal blocklist for anyone crawling IndieWeb sites.


Notable subdomains — subdomains are generally not tracked / included on this page, except on notable sites whose main domain appears to still be up (and consistent with its past)

Sorted alphabetically by main domain:

  • demos.hacks.mozilla.org — taken down in 2012 (latest Internet Archive version)
  • wiki.openwebfoundation.org — a MediaWiki that succumbed to spam, taken down end of 2013
  • usa10.webdirections.org — a 2010 web design & development conference site that was hacked with pharma spam

See zombie examples for particularly dangerous lost sites.

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