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February 14-21, 2020

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The one thing I wish I’d done when I first started my design career | Craig Burgess, Designer and Creative Director

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Using IFTTT to syndicate (PESOS) your Reddit saved post to your own IndieWeb website
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Announcing Support for Bridgy Publish
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Webmentions for WordPress 4.0.3 Released
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In this 9 minute podcast, Craig Burgess speaks about how he wished he'd got started on his #PersonalWebsite and doing more #blogging early on in his career. Craig also speaks about the #IndieWeb and why everyone should get involved.

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The Authorship specification is an algorithm for discovering and determining the author of a post.

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Notion is a note-taking and multiple post drafting app that is apparently highly recommended for its clean user interface however lacks offline first support.

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IndieWebCamp Austin 2020 Introduction is the opening session of IndieWebCamp Austin 2020.

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