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Line drawn one panel comic of two geochemists talking, one with a ponytail, about the average knowledge of chemical formulas. jargon is a specific unobvious word, concept, or technology (like Webmention), re-use of a word to mean something other than its common meaning (like feed), or sometimes re-using a word as an acronym (like POSSE), or any abbreviation that requires developer knowledge or skills.

Loqi Nudge

Keywords in this list will trigger Loqi to nudge the conversation to the #indieweb-dev channel when too many jargon terms are spoken too frequently in the main channel.

This is a separate list from the pages in this category for two reasons:

  • Some of these jargon terms in the category may cause false positives, such as "Bridgy" or "template"
  • We may want to include terms that Loqi is looking for without creating a wiki page for them

Please add keywords to the section below. Keywords are matched without punctuation and ignoring case sensitivity. Please make these keywords links to wiki pages if appropriate. Loqi reloads from this list every 5 minutes.

You can see what jargon Loqi has seen recently in the channel here:


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