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May 22-29, 2020

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ThreadReaderApp now has beta support for the Micropub Spec so you can publish Twitter threads directly to your blog
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Publ v0.6.5 is now out. Has the following changes: Upgrading Publ will now invalidate the cache Fixes the missing database session around the authentication log viewer Fixes the way that the indexer works when an entry changes ID Fixes a bug where draft entries' temporary IDs were overriding the permanent/assigned IDs of visible entries Added some useful commandline tools The next things I want to work on: Micropub endpoint (done as a separate component that you can optionally add) Adding ...
There's a light over in the IndieWeb space
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News Outlets vs. Authors and Blogs
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On Owning Data Apps Use and the IndieWeb
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user stylesheet

A user stylesheet is a customization of a third-party website within a browser to change the look and feel of that site using custom CSS or other code.

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Main Page-ru

Индивеб это сфокусированная на людях альтернатива «корпоративному вебу».

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Roam Research

Roam Research (aka Roam) is a silo that functions as a personal wiki, to do list, digital notebook, or commonplace book.

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