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For details on adding yourself to the IndieWeb wiki, see also wikifying.

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In addition to sequential / time-ordered posts, many in the IndieWebCamp community either want to or already host a wiki or wiki pages on their own personal site.

Wiki pages are typically editable and versioned with visible / easily accessible version history & browsable versions. Wiki pages are often also multi-authored and have a multi-platform interface (like any web-based content hosting solution).

IndieWeb Examples

There are also various wiki hosting sites / silos.

Past Examples


Main article: wiki-projects

IndieWebCamp projects related to wiki hosting/creation/editing:

See also wiki projects brainstorming.

Wiki Features We Use

At some unlikely point in the far future, we may decide to migrate the wiki off of MediaWiki. If this ever happens, we'll need to be sure whatever replaces it has roughly the same functionality that we use in MediaWiki. Below is a list to collect descriptions of MediaWiki features that we use. Feel free to add to it.

  • Wiki-style editing - Click "edit" to view page source and "save" to save changes immediately. Conflicts are not merged automatically, and a message is shown if someone else has edited the page in the mean time.
  • Wiki-style links - MediaWiki provides a syntax for quickly linking between wiki pages, e.g. [[events]].
  • Nickname templates - We often use sparkline templates to display someone's photo and name in a line of text such as Aaron Parecki. This is done by creating a template with the person's nickname and typing {{aaronpk}} in a line of text.
  • Signature on edits - Sometimes we add a signature to lines using ~~~~ which is replaced by the logged-in user's signature and a timestamp.
  • Content templates - Several pages (such as events and 2016/Guest_List) use templates to avoid duplicating complicated wiki markup on the page. The templates themselves are wiki pages and are editing by the community.
  • IRC notifications - When wiki pages are edited, we get notifications in IRC describing the change.
  • The ability to embed HTML in the wiki markup โ€“ needed e.g. to add microformats to events
  • The ability to upload images, e.g. clicking "embed file" icon inserts wiki link with [[File:Example.jpg]]. Clicking that wiki link takes you to the form to upload the image.

Wiki Features We Need

Sometimes, MediaWiki does not have a good way to do what we want, so we have to hack around it.

  • Hotlinked images - We often want to hotlink images to avoid uploading them to the wiki (which is only possible if the image can be CC0 licensed), but we also want to proxy the img src on the resulting page so that the site can be served over https even if the image is http

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Suggestions and bug reports for improving the wiki. Please provide suggestions as GitHub issues here:


Ideas being iterated rather than a specific suggestion for improvement.

Categorize Pages

Problem statement: If we look at the this-week reports (e.g. 2016-07-29 this week) and summaries of wiki pages that have been edited, it's a long list and doesn't provide a lot of information about why any particular page is important / compared to any other page, or any other way of chunking / understanding the long list.


  • one possibility would be to present each page with an icon in front according to what "type" or "kind" of page it is.
  • another possibility is to use such types/kinds to cluster the list of changed pages by type/kind, thus avoiding a need to repeat icons over and over
  • either way we could also use the "page icon" or "emojicon" on each page in particular to provide an even more specific graphical hook/representation for easier/quicker understanding of what the pages were about



Suggestions that have been implemented.


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