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A watch is a semi-passive type of post used to publish that you have watched a video (movie, TV, film), or a live show (theater, concert).


Posting a "watch" post, distinct from a "note", or at least distinguishable from a plain note, could provide a reader with sufficient context to lookup and display additional information about the show that was watched, perhaps even an option for the viewer to watch as well, online or from a local library.

Distinguishing watch posts may also help readers either filter-in or filter-out watch posts, for aggregation and/or search use-cases.


How to publish

There is no explicitly agreed syntax or format for posting "watch" posts. However, conventions are emerging as can be seen from the examples:

Post a note with the following:

  1. an emoji to indicate the (sub)type of watching like:
    • πŸ“Ί for TV or episode of a series
    • 🎬 for a movie
    • 🎫 for a live concert, scheduled movie or theater show
    • πŸ’» for something watched on a computer (laptop and/or desktop, possibly with a projector)
  2. the text " watched "
  3. the name of the tv series or movie, and if series, followed by episode/season numbers and name of the episode if any
  4. a perma(short)link for the tv episode or movie itself, perhaps on a service like Shazam or canonical Wikipedia link
  5. optional review or commentary

See the examples below and #Brainstorming for more ideas on how to post "watch" posts, and feel free to diverge from the above (experiment!) per your own preferences, and especially if you have an explicit good reason that you can document in your own indieweb example section below!

IndieWeb Examples

Chris Aldrich

Chris Aldrich has checked into shows manually in the past. When Shazam allows easier identification, he uses that as part of his workflow, particularly because it aids in the identification of the episode details. Since 2016-05-06:

gRegor Morrill

gRegor Morrill has posted notes while watching things, without thinking of them as watch posts at the time.

After recent discussion I am thinking about it more and experimenting with intentional watch posts. It's still a note, it just starts with "Watched":

As of 2017-03-30, I'm trying out "want to watch" posts:

Eddie Hinkle

Eddie Hinkle actively checks into shows using watch posts on his site. He is thinking through possible way to markup with prototype microformats.

  • Checkins appear in his activity stream and his media stream
  • He posts wants to watch posts and has watched posts and occasionally syndicates them to Twitter and/or
    • syntax: "πŸ“Ί Watched ", name of show hyperlinked to canonical publisher URL, season n and episode as "Season n Finale", with a name of actor and commentary on episode

Grant Richmond

Grant Richmond uses a node.js script to automatically import watched movies and tv from via micropub, since 2017-12-05 (first import?)


Tantek Γ‡elik has been posting "watch" notes, since 2018-02-18

Neil Mather

Neil Mather posts watches of videos he has watched online, e.g.

  • Often he adds a brief comment about the video, which is usually a short description/review/reflection.
  • Full list of watches appears at

Related watch list examples

Related to "watch" posts, but not quite watch posts themselves, a few folks keep lists of shows that have been watched, sometimes with annotations about whether they liked them or not.

Ryan Barrett

Ryan Barrett keeps track of movies and television he's watched, wants to watch, liked, were ok, did not like, etc. on his personal site

Tantek lists

Tantek Γ‡elik has a wiki page that happens to have films / TV shows that he has watched that he recommends.

Silo Examples


Netflix keeps a list of everything you've watched with timestamps.


IMDb is apparently supporting a beta (marked as such on 10/7/16, and possibly before) checkin functionality though it doesn't have a permalink structure available for POSSE or PESOS. It does apparently provide an RSS feed for checkins however, so data could be extracted by that avenue.


tvtag (aka getglue) enabled checkins for TV and movies. Site is now defunct and redirects (apparently via an ad?) to Telfie.


Telfie allows checkins for TV and movies, but doesn't provide permalinks for individual checkins. It also doesn't have any feeds out or the ability to import/export any data as of 2018-01-31. has an API that allows checkins for TV and movies, integrated into many apps across web browser extensions and various mobile platforms. They also use the verb scrobble to indicate what one is watching on a variety of platforms.


Letterboxd is a silo focused on your film library and movies you've watched. It supports creating lists, following others, and logging when films were watched. Import of data from IMDB is also possible.

Miso TV

Miso TV is a former silo that allowed checkin for TV


Facebook allows people to post watches and includes facepiles of friends who have watched/liked that particular series in the past.



Similarly there could be "to watch" posts. E.g. Netflix has a queue where you can put things you want to watch. See also details at want. supports a "watchlist" (akin to a bookmark and they actually use a bookmark logo) with a public/private toggle that also includes an export feature. They also have lists, reviews, and ratings for a more thorough workflow.

Letterboxd also has watchlist functionality that is sortable by date added, service, genre, decade, and watch status.

Shazam is occasionally able to listen to a TV show or movie (typically popular networks/top 100 shows) and identify it and then allow one to share the "checkin" to other social networks via mobile. Unfortunately it's not always very reliable.

Emoji for checkins and syndication

Similar to reading, one could use emojis to add some context, particularly for syndicating to Twitter:

  • πŸ“Ί Television (from broadcast or cable?)
  • πŸ“‘ Satellite TV
  • πŸ“€ DVD
  • πŸ’» personal computer (e.g. Netflix or a native app for viewing video)
  • πŸ“Ό videocassette
  • 🎞 Film Frames
  • 🎫 Ticket (for checking into a physical theater, or music concert/other event)
  • 🎟 Admission Tickets (similar to Ticket above)

Other possibilities:

  • πŸ“½ Film Projector

Other possibilities that are more like recordings:

  • πŸŽ₯ Movie camera
  • 🎬 Clapper board

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