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Here is a list of prior IndieWebCamp sessions by year.

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Organizing Links
General Tools web chat β€’ online chat clients β€’ Events Calendar β€’ Etherpad β€’ remote participation β€’ Zoom
IndieWebCamp Planning β€’ Organizing β€’ Ticketing β€’ Pop-up Organizing β€’ Volunteer β€’ What to expect at camp β€’ Sponsor β€’ IndieWebCamp kit β€’ session facilitating β€’ hallway track β€’ photography policy
Categories Organizing β€’ Events β€’ Camp Schedules β€’ Camp Sessions β€’ Organizer Meetups β€’ Demos
Homebrew Website Club Regular Meetings β€’ How to Organize β€’ Suggested Agenda β€’ Online Format β€’ Virtual HWC β€’ Upcoming HWCs
Contributing to the wiki MediaWiki: how to edit this wiki β€’ wikifying β€’ relevant β€’ definition β€’ start a page β€’ expand a page β€’ features we use

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