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pin or pinning is a feature that allows the author to choose a post to put at the top of their profile (or homepage) which is then called a pinned or sticky post.



Sometimes you want to pin a post that's temporally (or temporarily) relevant - e.g. before an event (human) or site shutdown.

IndieWeb Examples

Software Support

  • WordPress has supported sticky posts since 2.7

Silo Support


Facebook has supported pinned posts on events, pages, and groups for quite some time (the admin/creators of such posts/pages has the ability to (un)pin posts).

  • Noticeably absent: Facebook DOES NOT have the ability for a user to pin a post on their own profile/timeline.


Facebook pinned posts appear with a separate header from "recent activity" and look visually distinct from the chronological list of posts.


Twitter's mid-2014 UI update added support for a pinned post on a user profile.


Twitter pinned tweets are marked with "pinned tweet", but otherwise are integrated into the primary list of tweets.


More thinking on pinned / sticky posts:

  • You may not want it to be the first post in your profile - because that may give the illusion that there's nothing newer.
  • Possibly 1-2 normal in-stream posts display, then followed by the pinned post, almost like it is a promoted post for itself.
  • I want to be able to pin posts in different feeds, ie. on certain tag pages. So the post could still appear chronologically in places where it's not pinned. - Amy Guy
  • I don't want a reader to treat a pinned post as always the most recent in a feed. Do readers sort things themselves by published date, or display things in the order they pull them from a feed? - Amy Guy


Sessions about pinning:

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