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Because there is as broad an array of types of websites as there are people, a motivating personal factor for joining the IndieWeb may entail a particular use case one has in mind for what they want to do online or how they'd like to interact with others.

Toward this end, this page can serve as a landing page for helping users who have particular use cases or specific functionalities in mind. Those individual pages will ideally provide links to examples and resources that these use cases may commonly utilize. These might help people define particular itches they have for getting started or extending their online presences. They may also link to particular projects that are particularly strong or built to easily use with these specific use cases in mind.

By Career or Job Function

Educator, Student, Researcher

Indieweb for Education is the application of IndieWeb principles to one's personal site with a particular emphasis on use cases for education, pedagogy, research, academic samizdat, and collaboration.

While the general principles of indieweb can apply to anyone's site, in an attempt to help foster the next generation of potential IndieWeb adopters who may be focused on teaching, education, and research, whether at the K-12, undergraduate, graduate, post-doc, or other levels, we're compiling some specific hints, tips, pointers, and examples which may be germane to these particular audiences to assist in their motivation and adoption.


Indieweb for Journalism is the application of Indieweb principles to one's personal site with a particular emphasis on use cases for journalists, photographers, editors, related bloggers and platforms which are publishing their work.


Main article: musician

A musician is someone who creates music typically by playing instruments though sometimes by DJing a sequence of tracks, whether manually with physical media like CDs and records, or digitally with music files and/or electronic music generating devices, and sometimes records their music and publishes it on their own websites.

Author / Writer

Main article: author platform

IndieWeb for business

Main article: IndieWeb for business

IndieWeb for business is the use of an indieweb site or section thereof for business purposes, to post professional products or services, announcements, reminders, and generally interact with business clients, instead of social media silo posts and pages.

IndieWeb for hobbies

Many people may utilize IndieWeb principles to create sites (or portions of their personal sites) to work on and feature their hobbies or to interact with others/create communities around those hobbies (see: discovery).

Some of these may include activities like exercise/fitness, sports, reading (or writing about reading/book blogging), crafts (like knitting, crocheting, cross stitch, wood working, restoration, etc.), writing (NaNoWriMo), poetry, musician/music, food, games, collecting, etc.

Feel free to collect examples of these here until there are enough details or links to expand out to a full page on the topic or sub-topics. I dabble in lots of different project like panoramic photo/video, digital art, webgl experiments (x3d, three.js), model making

IndieWeb for knowledge work

Main article: commonplace book


Future use cases could include:

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