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May 15-22, 2020

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Publ v0.6.4, now with attachments
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Introducing microformats-parser: a new parser for JavaScript
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Thoughts on hosting an IndieWebCamp Pop-up Session
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New PDF Preview, Better Web Publishing, Improved Editing - iA Writer: The Focused Writing App
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Two days with independent web creators of all kinds, graphic artists, designers, UX engineers, coders, hackers; meeting up online to share ideas, create & improve their personal websites, and build upon each others creations.

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iA Writer

iA Writer is a markdown-based writing application focused on simple and distraction-free writing, which also supports the Micropub standard for publishing to numerous services, and specifically to WordPress servers, Medium, and Ghost.

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Gfycat is a silo to search and share animated gifs.

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top Tweets

top Tweets is the default algorithmic feed shown on your Twitter home page (or app ๐Ÿ  screen) that in addition to showing a subset of out of time order (re)posts from your followings, includes some posts theyโ€™ve liked, which tends to amplify snark, gotchas, and other negative aspects of default Twitter culture.

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This nonsense

This nonsense is "A Little Nonsense Now and Then is Relished By the Wisest Men.".

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