August 17-24, 2018

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Nürnberg, Baltimore, San Francisco

Nürnberg, Baltimore, San Francisco

Nürnberg, Baltimore, San Francisco



This Week in the IndieWeb Audio Edition • August 11th - 17th, 2018
An Indieweb Podcast: Episode 9 30 Days of Indieweb

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Web App Manifest

Web App Manifest is a W3C living document that defines a JSON sidefile for web applications to publish information such as their name, icon, description.

Created by tantek__ on Sunday with 8 more edits by,, and

DiSo Project

DiSo Project was a 2007-2010 era project to encourage "interoperable building blocks for the decentralized social web".

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Tweetbot is a popular Twitter client which suffered from critically reduced functionality on 2018-08-16 due to Twitter disabling parts of their public API.

Created by tantek__ on Sunday with 4 more edits by,, and


Angelfire is one of the earliest website hosting services, established in 1996, and continuously in operation since.

Created by tantek__ on Friday with 4 more edits by and


Blogmesh is a proposal and prototype WordPress plugin to connect existing blogs in a way that resembles other social networks, using standards like RSS to follow your friends and create a timeline view of their posts.

Created by [schmarty] on Tuesday with 3 more edits by and


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Oath is a division of Verizon that has a number of web sites and services, many (most?) of (like Tumblr) which were spun off from Yahoo, some (like Flickr) were subsequently sold separately.

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distributed is an adjective used to describe a system of nodes that are able to interact peer-to-peer without a centralized authority, or even a decentralized hierarchy, is the basis of DiSo, and what is exemplified by use of Webmention and microformats2 building blocks to federate responses directly between people using their own indieweb sites.

Created by tantek__ on Monday and edited 2 more times

Free software

Free software is software that respects your freedom, and a community that built GNU, later adopted Linux, built GNU Social and adopted StatusNet.

Created by mattl on Monday and edited 1 more time

Zero Registration

Zero Registration (AKA ZoRg) is a proposed name for the feature of IndieAuth that allows applications to interoperate with services using IndieAuth without having to register (with each other), unlike existing proprietary uses of OAuth clients and servers like apps having to register with Twitter/FB one at at time and wait for approval.

Created by on Monday and edited 1 more time


pleroma is a federated social network implementation compatible with mastodon and gnusocial.

Created by [kevinmarks] on Sunday and edited 1 more time


Flash is in the context of the web a reference to Adobe Flash, typically Adobe Flash Player, which is a waning proprietary platform and browser plug-in for content and application distribution, ages ago on independent sites, more recently on embedded systems like gas station kiosks like (see screenshots therein).

Created by tantek on Monday and edited 1 more time


1996-sites are websites, both independent and hosting services, that were established in 1996 and are still currently running at least some of their original services (allowing for updates), preferably still supporting the same links to user profiles and any post permalinks if any.

Created by tantek__ on Friday and edited 1 more time

calendar embed

calendar embed is a feature of event hosting sites that allows a series of events (sometimes just one) to be embedded into another site, supported by silos like Google Calendar, Eventbrite, and Facebook.

Created by tantek__ on Wednesday and edited 1 more time


application-name is a meta tag name for the name of the application represented by a page, defined in HTML, and used as a fallback by the Web App Manifest specification.

Created by tantek__ on Sunday


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muffle is a feature of Twitterrific for muting posts.

Created by [manton] on Monday

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