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May 1-8, 2020

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Creating a 'Firehose' Feed
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A firehose is a feed of posts that includes everything possible, as opposed to a filtered or curated subset.

Created by doubleloop on Saturday with 3 more edits by and


GreenGeeks is a webhosting provider that claims to be the world’s #1 green energy web hosting provider.

Created by [tantek] on Thursday with 2 more edits by and


Linktree is a site for publishing a flat list of links at a short vanity path (like Twitter and other social media silos) for what appears to be for the sole purpose of seeming to provide multiple links from social media profiles like Instagram which only allow one clickable link in your profile.

Created by [tantek] on Wednesday with 2 more edits by and


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Lighthouse is a product run by Jacky Alciné that provides a hosted low-touch Webmention service.

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