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Jacky Alciné


Jacky is a eager and avid supporter of the IndieWeb



Jacky Alciné

I'm Jacky Alciné. I really enjoy working on software and making it more simple to use for anyone interested. That said, I really like keeping my content on my own terms. You'll see that a lot of sections below might be out of date but will point to parts of my personal site that you can reference for more up to date bits.

At the time of writing,, my personal site is working towards Level 2.


I have a list of all-around projects at but here are some focused on the IndieWeb.


  • Make a WebMention server with caching support and authentication in Elixir.
  • Create a IndieAuth-capable wrapper for Elixir auth.
  • Implement a self-host-able service that can capture my scrobbles from
    • Last.FM
    • GPodder
  • Build my own Webmention server for sending and receiving WebMentions.



This'll serve as a way for me to send out my scrobbles back into silos (like Last.FM) but also push to those who may be subscribing to updates like this (potentially my own AP account or even to a tool that'd generate an RSS feed).


This is the active code-name for my server that'd be representing a composite_stream. It'll replace my current statically generated site and serve as the authoritative source of all of the kind of posts I'll have on the Web. It'll aim to implement a fully fleshed out form of a Micropub server.


This'll be my IndieAuth server. To be honest, I want to go down the road of implementing something similar to PAM but for the Web. A flexible authorization system that'd allow me to get Google-esque push notifications, enter a MFA token or use a client cert to authenticate to my systems - no passwords.

Initial implementation will be simple, of course!


As the name might suggest, this'll be my WebSub setup that'd allow me to ingest all of the current channels + forms of subscription that I use today into a single maintainable steam.


A homage to Mr. Terrific from DC comics, this serves as the native mobile application that'll be a testbed for features mentioned above like IndieAuth, scrobbling and the likes.