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IndieWebCamp 2015

IndieWebCamp 2015 is:

Additional URLs:

Join us in Portland and learn how to use open web technologies to empower and โ€“ maybe more importantly โ€“ encourage people to own their own content and identities.


Official Guest List

If you have a personal site If you want a personal site
Are you a Creator (create & share design, UI/UX, and/or code)? Either: add yourself to the guest list by Logging in with your own domain, or Publish a post saying that you're coming with a link to this RSVP page and send a webmention to it. If you're in the process of setting up your personal site, or don't have a personal site but want one, or want to create and contribute to the IndieWeb but don't know where to start, you're still very welcome! Register for a ticket on tito, and join IRC and say hi! You might even get some help setting up a website before the event!

Sign in to the wiki, then add yourself using the attendee template:

  • Your name linked to your wiki user page
  • Your profile photo
  • Your personal, IndieWeb URL
  • Your organization and URL (optional)
  • Links to IndieWeb projects that you have running on your site, are working on, or have contributed to.
  • Links to your other web profiles (optional)

Then consider adding IndieWebCamp buttons to your website.

Want to help? Sign up to volunteer!.


Alphabetically sorted by full display name.

Sign up for IndieWebCamp 2015 in Portland, OR!

Venue Capacity: 50

  • signed-up: 39
  • spots remaining: 11

Name: Aaron Parecki

Organization: Esri

IndieWeb Projects: p3k, webmention.io, Monocle, Switchboard

Personal URL: http://amandamaclean.com

Elsewhere: @macleaney

Name: Bret Comnes

Organization: Urban Airship

IndieWeb Projects: gitpub and other micropub node stuff

Personal URL: http://bret.io

Elsewhere: @bretolius, github.com/bcomnes

Name: Bryan Richter

Organization: Snowdrift.coop

Personal URL: http://chreekat.net

Name: Charles Reid

Name: Emma Kuo

IndieWeb Projects: neonblog, skein

Name: gRegor Morrill

IndieWeb Projects: Nucleus webmention plugin, ProcessWire webmention plugin, improving the wiki experience

Personal URL: http://gRegorLove.com

Elsewhere: @gRegorLove

Personal URL: https://jeena.net/

Elsewhere: @jeena, github.com/jeena

Personal URL: http://yourmom.io

Name: Jon Eric Benson

Personal URL: http://jonericbenson.com

Name: Joseph Fraley

Personal URL: http://joefraley.com

Name: Kathryn Strauss

Personal URL:

Name: Lillian Karabaic

IndieWeb Projects: buyfocal.anomalily.net

Personal URL: http://www.anomalily.net

Elsewhere: @anomalily

Name: Naomi Rubin

Personal URL: http://www.naomirub.in

Name: Nathan Stonestrom

Personal URL:

Name: Nolan MacGregor

Personal URL:

Name: Sarah Joy Calpo

Personal URL: http://themostawful.com

Name: Sean Niesen

Personal URL: http://seanniesen.com

Name: Shane Caraveo

Personal URL: http://shane.caraveo.com

Name: Steph Duncker

Personal URL:

Name: Steven Schneider

Personal URL:

Name: Tantek ร‡elik

Organization: Mozilla

IndieWeb Projects: CASSIS JSโˆฉPHP (on github), Whistle (URL shortener), Falcon (my CMS), RelMeAuth

Personal URL: http://tantek.com/

Elsewhere: @t, github.com/tantek

Name: Tony Goncharuk

Personal URL:

Name: Trevor Scandalios

Name: Tyson Vanover

Name: Zack Fischmann

Remote Participants

As with past IndieWebCamps, we'll setup remote participation for folks who can't be there in person but can still participate during the camp over IRC and hopefully live video.

Name: Amy Guy

Organization: University of Edinburgh

IndieWeb Projects: Slog'd

Personal URL: http://rhiaro.co.uk

Elsewhere: @rhiaro, github.com/rhiaro

Name: Ben Werdmuller

IndieWeb Projects: Known

Name: Kyle Mahan

IndieWeb Projects: Red Wind, Woodwind, Feverdream, mf2util, contribute to Bridgy, mf2py

Name: David Shanske

IndieWeb Projects: Various Indieweb Plugins for WordPress


Folks that can't make it (but hopefully can participate before/after remotely!)

Missed You

Sorry to miss you folks - hopefully you can make it next year!

Name: Adam Breindel

Personal URL:

Name: Eamon Walker

Personal URL: https://gurupig.com

Name: Jamil Alvi

Name: Jill Burrows

Personal URL: http://adaburrows.com

Elsewhere: github, @jburrows

Name: Lynn Cyrin

Personal URL: http://lynncyrin.me

Name: Max Ogden

Organization: Dat Data

IndieWeb Projects: dat, Friends.app, node_modules

Name: Parisa Kianmajd

Personal URL:

Name: Reid Beels

Personal URL: http://reidbeels.com

Name: Saeedeh Komijani

Personal URL: