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2019-01-01-commitments are implementation and launch commitments publicly made by the IndieWeb community to ship on their personal sites by 2019-01-01 00:00 local time.

For more commitments, see Other Commitments.


In order of public declaration (as in, publicly blog about your commitment on your own site, and then add it here, not before :)


Tantek Çelik per: http://tantek.com/2018/318/t1/2019-indieweb-commitment Falcon#archive_pages:



  • Did not complete
    • Add Subscribe page
    • Display webmentions on post permalink pages
      • 90% complete, but not active due to some technical glitches.

gRegor Morrill

gRegor Morrill per: https://gregorlove.com/2018/11/another-year-is-wrapping-up/

  • Update my archive pages to cover more post types, not just articles
  • Add back the next/previous article navigation
  • Stretch goal: set up a channel to feed into micro.blog

Sven Knebel

Implement better support for AutoAuth on my site: a) match implementation to new spec, b) support it in feeds.

Jacky Alcine

Jacky Alciné re: https://jacky.wtf/weblog/commitment-free-web/

  • [not-mentioned-above] Clean up my Jekyll site to be more readable by WebSub sites
  • For Koype
  • For Davenport
    • Add library for IndieAuth support
    • Add simple support for baseline Micropub interactivity (sending only notes and articles)
  • For Lecturn
    • Add library for IndieAuth support
    • Add library for baseline Microsub interactivity (listing of posts)

Everybody else: someone up for implementing it too? either on their site or in a reader/etc?

Marty McGuire

Marty McGuire as committed here: https://martymcgui.re/2018/12/11/200054/

I will modify my micropub endpoint to work with the new version of my site, which has been ported to Hugo. The new site contains a few public-facing features and changes, but mostly the change will be noticeable by me because the site will update much faster after new posts and edits!

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Other Commitments

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