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Longevity is the goal of keeping your data as future-friendly and future-proof as possible; it is one of the indieweb principles.

If human society is able to preserve ancient papyrus, Victorian photographs and dinosaur bones, we should be able to build web technology that doesn't require us to destroy everything we've done every few years in the name of progress.


Articles and talks


  • Ben Roberts has cited that he has AIM chat logs dating back to 2002, maintained after filesystem and OS changes primarily because they were in html format, while losing much of his older e-mail when he could not get them out of a software that was no longer functional. [1]
  • ...


Dead Man's Switch

  • Conversation from #indiewebcamp IRC channel
  • Shane Becker: I'm thinking about a "dead man's switch" after reading Willo Bloo's post "Death and Politcs". The longevity of our personal sites isn’t really a solved problem. And the attempted solutions are definitely not very indie. What I’m thinking about exploring now is a kind of “dead man’s switch” to hand over the keys to some trusted person if I don’t perform some action (click a link, respond to a notification email, etc) in some amount of time. Maybe even spin up a subdomain (or make public an existing subdomain) like memorial.<site>.com or something similar. to make it even easier for whoever to do whatever, but keeps it on our site (sort of).
  • Kevin Marks: Google has a thing for that
  • Aaron Parecki: I keep thinking about a dead man's switch too, but for things other than my website also. Makes me nervous not having a good system for that every time I travel. The best archive of your site is a folder of static assets, which is another thing to consider.
  • gRegor Morrill: I'm interested in this but have no idea where to start currently. Researching http://networkedmortality.com via the video of the same name (linked above).


There are many vulnerabilities to longevity. It makes sense to document them as trends occur.

JS for content

As summarized on 2016-07-02 by Kevin Marks:
The point of html is to be a resilient long term document format. Replacing it with nested javascript dependencies is a bad idea. #indieweb

More: js;dr.

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