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export (specifically, How to export your data) in the context of the indieweb refers to the ability to download some or all of your data from a site, typically from a silo, though also for CMS or site migration.

Many silos offer the ability to download a copy of some of/all of your data. If this is of a high enough quality, it can be used as the basis of an indieweb site, or be imported into an existing indieweb site.

IndieWeb Examples

Indiewebcamp Creators who have imported previously siloed content into their own sites:

CMS support

Some CMSs have data export (and import) capabilities

Articles about data export

Code to assist with data export/import

  • diaspora-export — a python script for downloading all of your public Diaspora content (as the diaspora exporter doesn’t include your posts for some reason)
  • freedom.io transfers your siloed posts to a blog or cloud storage provider with structure and formatting intact, including comments, pictures, tags/mentions, links, etc. It's very immature and incomplete, especially the UI, which is horrible, but the functionality largely works. It migrates from Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Instagram to Dropbox, Tumblr, Blogger, or WordPress (self hosted and .com).


For how to export your data from specific silos, see each silo-specific page for "How to export your data":


Urgent silos to export from - site-death announced, imminent, or rampant account suspensions are happening. Soonest first:

Any time



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