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managed WordPress hosting is a concierge-like service where all of the technical aspects of running WordPress is managed by your host often including security, speed, updates, backups, website uptime, and scalability.


  • much higher levels of support
  • Less administration and admin tax of your install allowing you more time for other things
    • automatic updates to core, plugins and themes
    • backups on a daily, weekly, monthly basis
  • security
  • speed
  • less (or no) downtime
  • additional development tools including features like version control and specific areas for development, staging, and production


  • Price – managed hosting (some basic plans start at $25+/month) is more expensive when compared to shared hosting, which can be found for $3-4/month.
  • Limits – managed hosting often limits the types of WordPress sites, themes, and plugins that one can run. Some hosts may not allow you to run some plugins because of security, functionality, or speed considerations.
  • Less Control – Since someone else is managing all the technical aspects of your site, you don’t have control over what changes may be imposed upon you.


Some providers of this type of service include:

Note is a free hosting provider which can charge fees for various levels of additional service including paid themes and access to plugins.

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