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WordPress Intro was a session at IndieWebCamp Austin 2017.

IndieWebCamp Austin 2017 Session: WordPress Intro When: 2017-12-09 14:00 CST



David Shanske ran us through the settings of various plugins, beginning with the main IndieWeb WordPress plugin.

Once installed, a list of IndieWeb related plugins appears in the WP admin under IndieWeb | Extensions.


Webmention plugin settings


Micropub - a micropub server plugin. Has no options.

Potential options will be custom endpoints and settings for syndicate-to addon plugins

Bridgy Publish

  • Under IndieWeb | Bridgy
    • Registration section has links that let you renable bridgy publish for various services (FB, Twitter, ...)
    • For each service, you can enable/disable bridgy publish for that service, or set it to be checked by default.

Syndication Links

  • displays links from your posts to syndicated copies elsewhere. e.g. those made by bridgy publish
  • has options like showing icons at various sizes, text, hidden links.

Post Kinds

  • replaces Wordpress "Post Formats" feature
  • all new icons added by David Shanske today!
  • display options
    • "embed sites" will show reply context
  • walked through example.
    • create a new post
    • Kinds box shows up in right sidebar
    • choose a kind and the "Post Properties" section shows up below the post
    • showed example for retrieving response data from a URL (article name and summary, site name, author info)

Showed examples from david.shanske.com

  • David Shanske started using OwnYourSwarm to have more location posts.

His checkins include location maps using the Simple Location Plugin

  • Simple Location also adds a "Timezone" selector to posts.
    • Added after a trip to Ireland due to OwnYourSwarm using his home timezone
    • Pro-Tip: click the clock to detect and use the browser's timezone.
    • The Timezone selector was not working on the demo machine (Chrome on macOS)

IndieAuth plugin replaces the WordPress admin login with the IndieAuth flow


  • Independent Publisher
  • SemPress
  • ZenPress - in development on GitHub
  • _mf2
  • 2016 fork in GWG's Github repository
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