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lost infrastructure is a reference to The Lost Infrastructure of Social Media, a silo post by Anil Dash calling for IndieWeb-like technology.

This follows on from Paul Ford's article calling for more AMP infrastructure.

The IndieWeb has been working on replacing, improving, and extending portions this lost infrastructure, but also providing large portions of the functionality of Web 2.0 and other social media related functionality. The chart below provides some indication of what the prior functionalities were, what current social media silos provide, and finally rough equivalents of new technologies for providing these pieces. Hopefully the chart provides some indication of areas that could be built and improved as well as providing a jumping off place for those interested in some of these new technologies.

Comparison table

Then (silo or specs) Now (silo) IndieWeb
Publishing Blogger, Moveable Type WordPress.com, Medium, Tumblr micropub, Known, silo.pub, WordPress.org, micro.blog, projects
Search Technorati n/a IndieWeb Search
Updates instead of polling Technorati, Pingomatic n/a WebSub, Superfeedr
Comments Haloscan, coComment Disqus, Intense Debate, Livefire, Civil Comments Webmention, Brid.gy, backfeed
Responses Trackback, Pingback, Refback n/a Webmention, Brid.gy
Likes/Favorites n/a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram Webmention, Brid.gy
Identity TypeKey, Gravatar Facebook, Twitter IndieAuth
Friend Lists Blogrolling,OPML, MyBlogLog n/a XFN
Following OPML follow/friending on Twitter, Facebook, et al. following, Microsub
Syndication RSS, Atom AMP, Instant Articles, RSS, Apple News h-feed, POSSE, Brid.gy
API Metaweblog, AtomPub n/a Micropub, microformats, Webmention to Brid.gy
Metadata microformats schema.org, Open Graph, Twitter Cards microformats2
Discovery and Tagging Blogdex, Technorati, OPML hashtags, who to follow, Nuzzel discovery, tags, person-tag, directories
Analytics Measure Map, FeedBurner Google Analytics analytics
Advertising BlogAds, Google Adsense Google Adsense advertising
Aggregation Google News, Bloglines Facebook reader, Microsub, Woodwind
Time Shifting and Reading Instapaper, Readability, feed readers Facebook, Pocket,Instapaper, Apple News Aperture, IndiePass, Together, Indiepaper, Woodwind

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