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Indiewebifying events and RSVPs
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Creating the #IndieWeb CourseWare with @ReviewTalentFS and @withknown thanks to @scsu and @uconn start-up grant
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Review of Typlog as a turnkey platform for IndieWeb as a Service
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Tailwind is a relatively new CSS framework, created to enable responsive website design, which appears to replicate similar functionality as the standard HTML style attribute, though using abbreviated cryptic class names, despite which, some in the IndieWeb community have found useful in designing their sites.

Created by [tantek] on Sunday with 10 more edits by,, and

Web We Found

The Web We Found (YouTube 21:09) was a talk and presentation by Kevin Marks at the Le Web 2013 conference that summarized the start of various positive web trends and patterns from 2003 onward, like blogging, building on open protocols, which have grown since, many incorporated into the IndieWeb, and provides a hopeful counterpoint to The Web We Lost.

Created by [tantek] on Sunday with 5 more edits by and

Dark Sky

Dark Sky is a weather API (no new signups possible) which some people use to show weather information on posts.

Created by aaronpk on Tuesday with 3 more edits by and

commercial free

commercial free is putting users needs first.

Created by [LewisCowles] on Thursday and edited 1 more time


undieweb is a typo by Chris Aldrich which nonetheless indicates the importance of proper support and a layered architecture for your backend, underneath whatever presentation you create for your frontend.

Created by [tantek] on Sunday and edited 1 more time


Typlog is a website, blog, and podcast hosting service supporting several IndieWeb building blocks including WebSub, Webmention, and RelMeAuth.

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youtube dl

youtube_dl is a command-line program to download videos from and a few more sites which some indie sites use to export their content from YouTube.

Created by on Friday

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