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In this tutorial, we will walk through every single step to set up a full-featured Indie Website in the Amazon Web Services cloud. We will be using WordPress, a widely used blogging tool and the Indie Web plugins, so it can participate on the Indie Web.

Some of this tutorial might look a little geeky, but we are documenting every step and you should be able to follow through without problems even if you are not a geek.

You will need: You will get:
  • A Macintosh, Linux or Windows computer with a web browser.
  • About an hour of time.
  • A small budget:
    • hosting by Amazon is likely free for one year, less than $10 per month thereafter
    • domain name varies, often $8.00 to $17.00 per year.
  • An Indie Website you control at the domain name of your choosing.
  • Secured by HTTPS.
  • Running on the Amazon cloud.
  • That syndicates all of your posts to Twitter, and pulls comments people make there back on your site.


Here is what we will be doing:

  1. Tutorial: Find and purchase a great domain name for your site
  2. Tutorial: Sign up for an Amazon Web Services account
  3. Tutorial: Set up a new Amazon cloud server, and log in
  4. Tutorial: Set up DNS so your new domain name points to your website
  5. Tutorial: Install WordPress and the Indie Web plugins
  6. Tutorial: Configure WordPress and the Indie Web plugins to your liking
  7. Tutorial: Write your first WordPress post and syndicate it out

Click on the first item, and work your way down! Before you know it, you'll be on the Indie Web.

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