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Publify is a Ruby on Rails blogging engine project with extended publishing capacities that's recently been taking a turn as an Indie Web project. Publify and supported plugins are free software released under the MIT licence. Publify needs a database like MySQL, PostgreSQL or SQLite.


Master currently supports the following indie Web features:

  • Classic blogging engine with API, plugins, RSS/Atom...
  • POSSE to Twitter with short messages
  • h-review on default themes
  • Self hosted URL shortener
  • PESOS for formerly posted tweets
  • Markdown, Textile, Flickr import, auto link. Twitter handler discovery and syntax highlighting.

Editing UI


IndieWeb Users

Current IndieWeb users that are actively using it on their primary self-identifying site:

  • none

Past IndieWeb users:

  • Frédéric de Villamil (neuro`) (2006 - 2016-04-28):
  • Don Park (donpdonp) (~2008-2015?) on
    • currently looks like a single static HTML page

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