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June 12-19, 2020

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I love the idea of this sort of color theme switcher. Reminiscent of the sort of functionality built into TiddlyWiki. I suspect that some of the code built into WordPress’ Customizer could be repurposed to give people the ability to do this in the WordPress world.
Nefelibata 0.3 is out!
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corporate web

The corporate web is perhaps more critically explained as the capitalist web, where people are the product, and their time, attention, and clicks are seen as a natural resource to be extracted and sold to the highest bidder.

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URL in print

URL in print is a URL visible on some sort of physical media like a book, newspaper, or instruction manual, and thus requires the user to type it in to view it, a good use case for permashortlinks, short-domains, and good URL design in general.

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