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Attendee Introductions at IndieWeb Summit 2018.

Remote Attendees

Remote attendees introduced themselves in chat and Marty McGuire showed their sites during his demo.

Martijn van der Ven

Eddie Hinkle

Vanessa Hamshere


Tantek Çelik

  • Tantek Çelik, http://tantek.com
  • coolest thing done is doing GitHub from his own website
  • tantek also talks about adding reply context
  • tantek shows a github response
  • has a little link at the bottom to view on github

Aaron Parecki

  • Aaron Parecki, https://aaronpk.com
  • shows the pixel art on his homepage
  • it live updates when people are clicking on it, someone is racing him to change right now

Jason McIntosh

Chris Aldrich

  • Chris Aldrich, http://boffosocko.com/
  • Wants to mention a thing he did this week
  • He has been trying a new post type on his website: highlights
  • “To solely capture highlights made on other website”
  • Made something that should be easy to use. It uses fragmentions to link to the specific highlights on other websites
  • On his site, links will scroll straight to the piece of text highlighted
  • will work with hypothesis

Jared White

  • https://jaredwhite.com/
  • Has already been following indieweb principles, and has more recently started to also implement indieweb features
  • I am trying to make the UI like social network. I guess you can call it Scaled UI morphism
  • The website follows the design of a social website page: including follow (email list) and IM (email form) buttons
  • Experimenting with different types of posts. Link posts feature an excerpt of the thing linked.
  • Also note and photo posts
  • Shows the backend, built in RoR
  • Email newsletter is generated on his own system - sent out by campaign monitor

Jonathan LaCour

  • Jonathan LaCour, https://cleverdevil.io
  • Bottom right of his website shows the current status of his battery, his wifi, and wheter he is moving
  • Clicking it will take you to his now page
  • Showing a map
  • If you are logged in you can view his location tracking data
  • Currently only he has access to it
  • Uses Overland for collection

AJ Jordan

  • AJ Jordan, https://strugee.net
  • When the webpage loads, it does a weird reflow, no idea why
  • Hasn’t done user interface changes in the last year.
  • But he likes retro, so there is a monospace font version
  • Has been spending time developing lazymention
  • There will be a page/UI for LazyMentions “real soon now”

gRegor Morrill

  • gRegor Morrill https://gregorlove.com/
  • Most recently (over the last year) working on read posts
  • Launched indiebookclub: a micropub client that lets you post titles/authors/isbn/doi to create read posts on your own site
  • It also offers feeds for all its users, so if your website doesn’t support micropub yet, you can still use it

Jamey Sharp

Lillian Karabaic

Malcolm Blaney

Jim Pick

  • http://jimpick.com
  • My name is Jim Pick. I haven't updated site in this year. This is my third IndieWebCamp. I am building on the DAT peer-to-peer protocol. Things like Beaker Browser are cool.
  • Was contracted by code for sciences (runners of DAT project) to work on a web project
  • worked on a collaborative pixel art editor! As well as a web-based collaborative shopping list on DAT.

Grand Richmond

  • Grant Richmond, https://grant.codes
  • Wants to work a little more on the theme switcher on his website
  • You can pick any colour you want, just switch it up
  • Last thing he did, inspired by Jonathan, fixed a bit of his map page
  • Also has a page showing where he has been
  • Slowly loads his trip throughout north america on the screen
  • “You want light theme, dark theme, you can choose any color you want”

Matthew Lippincott

  • http://headfullofair.com
  • Third-gen user looking to connect with Four-gen users
  • Put together as a Jekyll blog
  • Converted to Jekyll to unite his old WordPress with things he made on other platforms
  • Does a lot of documentation. Documentation internal to a project that then becomes external documentation.
  • Interested in how we can integrate feedback into documentation

Emre Sokullu

  • http://www.emresokullu.com/
  • Emre has been working on an opensource JS library over the last year
  • Lets you embed social functionality
  • Emre showing off https://graphjs.com/
  • Has IndieWeb compatibility, profiles with h-cards, streams using ActivityStreams
  • Can be embedded to static websites
  • Own personal page is static and hosted by GitHub, and uses a graphjs widget for contact

Michael Toomim

  • https://invisible.college/@toomim
  • just made this site this morning!
  • Discovered IndieWeb this year
  • Has been working with the same vision in the last 3-4 years
  • working on HTTP synchronization
  • Been excited to make a personal page within the IndieWeb principles
  • Building a new version of the email protocol
  • Lets you have “email” that is also a blog.
  • Because the email is hosted on HTTP, you can mark them public
  • Shows off a widget of faces that allows him to link people up

Ryan Barrett

  • Ryan Barrett, https://snarfed.org/
  • built https://brid.gy (among other tools)
    • chant starts: "brid-gy, Brid-gy, BRID-GY" (not really, but it should have)
  • Since Bridgy's launch there are almost 2,000 unique domains and over 1 millions webmentions sent
  • snarfed.org runs on WordPress (thanking David Shanske and community)
  • Has also started read posts, posted a book he read to his daughter
  • indiemap, social graph of the IndieWeb launched last year at IWS
  • Because his projects are linked into many of our websites, he gets to see statistics
  • Does visualisations of stats crawled
  • indieweb.org/{$yourdomain}.json will provide data on your interactions
  • Quick stats of Bridgy
  • Big plunge in the end because of Facebook
  • Green slither at the top of one of the stats is GitHub linking picking up
  • Shows the million webmention mark once again, wow!

Jack Jamieson

Marty McGuire

  • Marty McGuire, https://martymagui.re
  • Has exported all his goodreads data onto his site
  • Now has many read posts that need to look better
  • He's also recently built Kapowski which uses Giphy to post gifs to one's site
  • Kapowski can also give you HTML to copy and paste, without Micropub
  • Marty shows demos for remote attendees
  • By the end of the remote demos, we get to see the finished Kapowsky post on his site

Doug Beal

  • dougbeal, http://dougbeal.com/
  • He's in the process of migrating his site to linode and is using docker to get isolation
  • Shows a live view of all the docker containers
  • Doug is logging in on indielogin.com to get into his website
  • showed the staging site with it setup

David Shanske

  • David Shanske, http://david.shanske.com
  • WordPress guru (as described by the community)
  • He's been posting audio posts to create a podcast over the past several months
  • Has been testing all he makes on his own website (selfdogfood)
  • Shows the WP admin UI
  • He's been adding titles to the admin UI of wordpress for notes that otherwise would indicate (no Title)
  • Big yay from the room!

Eric Drexel

  • https://edrex.pdxhub.org/
  • has been running Known blog for a while
  • has has “so many blogs over the years”
  • his thing is more backend
  • Works with an open-source project Perkeep
  • Wants to create an indieweb app that will use that as its storage engine
  • Has been POSSEing to Facebook, trying to draw them out

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