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The IndieWeb Summit 2018 session grid is where notes and videos from all sessions can be found.

The session grid is developed on day 1, and is based on suggestions by the attendees.

All times are local times. If you are a remote attendee, make sure to convert to your timezone.

The exact schedule is still TBD, the below is a placeholder until further notice.


Day 1: Share, Learn, and Discuss!

Session topics will be proposed and chosen on the day of the event and organized into a grid.

Sessions are facilitated by the participant who proposed the topic. Learn more at session facilitating.

Ideas and brainstorming in advance

  • principles rewording and reorg: as it's been pointed out, the principles in their current form are aimed at internet long timer makers - eg. remember geocities? implies people in their 30s and thus might sound excluding to the younger - and should be made to be more inclusive both by getting rid of (most) technical terms and ancient references.


Work Sessions. Hack day. Build stuff and demo it!

  • Intros
    • (video link)
  • Demos
    • (video link)


  • ...

Other Years