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Wordpress.com is a blog hosting service that runs the WordPress open source software.


Built-in POSSE provided by Jetpack Publicize

wordpress com publicize.png
Jetpack Publicize is available on every WordPress.com blog and can POSSE to a variety of silos with minimal configuration requred. It also has excessive and clear documentation.

It's dashboard can be found under https://wordpress.com/sharing/[your wordpress.com domain]:

Built-in import from external sources

wordpress com importer.png
Both WordPress and WordPress.com provide built-in importers to move content into it easily.


Supports PubSubHubbub as a publisher on all Atom feeds hosted on wordpress.com since 2010-03-03. More detail here.

  • Note: Bridgy's Webmentions for blogs gets real-time updates from wordpress.com in order to send webmentions on their behalf.


comment silo

When commenting on other blogs hosted on Wordpress.com, (even blogs with a custom domain such as gigaom.com), it makes you sign in using your Wordpress.com account.

There is a section on your logged-in view, "comments I made" which is supposed to show you comments you made on other wordpress.com blogs. However it did not show the latest comment I made on a gigaom.com post, despite it forcing me to log in to my Wordpress.com account to make the comment. Aaron Parecki 14:38, 13 January 2015 (PST)

WordPress.com is a blog hosting service with impressive importing and export features. See for details:

Hosted themes

WordPress.com provides themes to change the HTML/CSS/JS and general appearance of a user's site. While users can pay for a feature to write custom CSS, they can't change their theme markup. Which means amongst other things, a user cannot specify some markup in a post to show on a permanlink page and not in the post when it's a part of a feed. For example,


WordPress.com doesn't have built in support for webmentions, but Bridgy can send, receive, and display webmentions for WordPress.com blogs. You can also receive webmentions with webmention.io and maybe webmention.herokuapp.com.

cURL Problem

On 2014-05-06 it was reported that http://indiewebify.me returned an empty result when attempting to check gabrielscheer.com. That domain is hosted on wordpress.com and it appears that wordpress.com is blocking some cURL requests based on the User-Agent. At a minimum, it appears that wordpress.com is blocking cURL requests with the Guzzle User-Agent.

This issue was previously reported on Github on 2013-05-19 [1]


POSSE to hosted

It is possible to manually POSSE articles to Wordpress.com.

IndieWeb POSSE Examples

Shane Becker

Shane Becker is manually POSSEing his articles to Wordpress.com.

Chris Aldrich

Chris Aldrich automatically POSSEs (mostly articles) from his self-hosted WordPress install to his WordPress.com account using WordPress Crosspost. This allows people who were following his old blog to continue to get updates without needing to migrate.


It is possible to use Micropub clients like Quill to post to blogs on Wordpress.com using Feverdream as a bridge.

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