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June 19-26, 2020

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Announcing Whim, a Webmention multitool
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Pushl v0.3.0, and some terminology changes
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2020/West/Organizers is a half-day pre-meetup of IndieWebCamp Organizers to finish planning last minute details of IndieWebCamp West, and discuss community dynamics and other Organizer issues.

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lolinition is a portmanteau of LOL and definition, instances of which are created to cause the reader to literally laugh out loud, like when asking what something is, sometimes a snarkinition, though more often merely a humorous way to answer what might otherwise be a rhetorical question in a discussion channel.

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Demos for IndieWebCamp West 2020.

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archived post

archived post is a feature on some social media silos that allows a user to make a post private only to themselves, removing it from their feed / stream / timeline or other listings of their posts.

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bikeshedding is arguing about what color to paint the bikeshed (often applied to naming arguments) instead of the actually important functionality because the latter is harder, and the former is superficial enough that anyone can have an opinion.

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