July 13-20, 2018

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Portland, Oregon
ADM, Amsterdam

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Homebrew Website Club Meetup
Join us for an evening of IndieWeb personal site demos and discussions! Any questions? Ask in the chatroom! More…

The IndieWebCamp SF / Decentralized Web Hackers Day is a one day makers day / BarCamp on 2018-07-31 for anyone who wants to come discuss, brainstorm, or hack on any and all decentralized / distributed / indieweb technologies.

Internet Archive, San Francisco
San Francisco Mint, San Francisco, CA, USA

Internet Archive, San Francisco

Nürnberg, Baltimore
Bornholm, DK

Nürnberg, Baltimore, San Francisco
Eastnor, UK

Nürnberg, Baltimore, Portland
Portland, Oregon


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This Week in the IndieWeb Audio Edition • July 7th - 13th, 2018
Micro Monday - 18: @EddieHinkle
An Indieweb Podcast: Episode 8 Interflux

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My IndieWeb story, Part 1: Jumping in the Deep End
by eddiehinkle.com on
Webmentions: Enabling Better Communication on the Internet
by alistapart.com on
Setting up WordPress for IndieWeb use
by www.boffosocko.com on
Enabling two way communication with WordPress and GitHub for Issues
by www.boffosocko.com on
Introducing Baffle
by snarfed.org on
10 Jahre notizBlog
by notiz.blog/author/matthias-pfefferle on
by notiz.blog/author/matthias-pfefferle on
The Indie Web: Who owns your identity? Dawn Foster schreibt auf Gigaom über die Indie Web-Bewegung: The Indie Web movement is primarily about ownership and control over your identity. The difficulty is that many of the tools that we need to achieve the complete vision of data ownership just don’t exist yet, or they exist, but not in a way that is accessible to most people. During IndieWebCamp, we focused on discussing these current issues and starting to build some of the tools necessary ...
by notiz.blog/author/matthias-pfefferle on
My Webmention plugin for #WordPress should be kind of stable now… Time to ping the #IndieWeb #Conversations from @eschnou, @Barnaby Walters, @Ben Werdmuller, @Tom Morris, @Will Norris, @Glenn Jones and @Aaron Parecki. …and some <3 for Sandeep Shetty
Great idea of Sandeep Shetty to use the u-like (microformats-2) and webmentions for federated social likes! Works like a charm! #indieweb
by notiz.blog/author/matthias-pfefferle on
The #indieweb as a minimum viable social web ecosystem Schöner Artikel von Ben Werd über das IndieWeb und Idno!
by notiz.blog/author/matthias-pfefferle on
by notiz.blog/author/matthias-pfefferle on
Drei Artikel zum Thema „warum man Medium nicht nutzen sollte“: No More Sharecropping! Distributed Everything The Problem With Medium Alle auf Medium gepostet… irgendwie ironisch… via tantek
by notiz.blog/author/matthias-pfefferle on
IndieAuth.com unterstützt jetzt auch OpenID delegation! Janrain just announced that MyOpenId.com will be shutting down by early 2014. If you currently delegate OpenID on your domain to myopenid.com, you’ll need to find a new OpenID provider.
by notiz.blog/author/matthias-pfefferle on
indieweb und reclaim social media anmerkung/nachtrag 04.02.2014: zum aktuellen repository vom reclaim social media plugin gehts hierlang. meine reclaim-testsite ist hier: wirres.net/reclaim/.* * *vor ein paar tagen hat daniel nix mich auf POSSE hingewisen („POSSE is an acronym/abbreviation for Publish (on your) Own Site, Syndicate Elsewhere“). POSSE bedeutet, man solle auf seiner eigenen website publizieren und diese … Felix Schwenzel über seine ersten Erfahrungen mit dem IndieWeb, ...

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Created by Tomgardiner.me on Wednesday


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Sonic is a Santa Rosa-based service provider (ISP) that provides internet access in San Francisco and Sonoma county.

Created by tantek__ on Tuesday with 7 more edits by loqi.me, tantek.com and iambismark.net


Emojli was a note hosting silo based entirely on emoji, like Twitter, but with emoji-only usernames & content, launched 2014-06-30 as a joke, shutdown 2015-07-31 due to maintenance costs rising too quickly.

Created by tantek__ on Friday with 5 more edits by kaja.sknebel.net, loqi.me and tantek.com

wordpress tools

WordPress tools can be helpful for building and debugging a WordPress IndieWeb site.

Created by dougbeal on Monday with 3 more edits by loqi.me and www.boffosocko.com

who is

who is is when someone asks in chat “who is ____” and Loqi responds with a short summary from that person's wiki user page.

Created by Gregorlove.com on Wednesday and edited 3 more times


latergram is a hashtag commonly used to denote a (typically photo) post where the post is or is primarily about something in the past, usually at least a few hours ago, more often a day or more, popularized on the Instagram silo which has the implicit assumption that posts are "instant".

Created by tantek__ on Monday and edited 2 more times

issues link

issues link is a common UI element on repo pages and web standards specifications (often with just a label like “Issues”) that links to the issue tracker, usually to a collection or stream of issue posts, for that repo or spec.

Created by tantek__ on Sunday and edited 2 more times


Kumu is a data visualization platform that helps you organize complex information into interactive relationship maps.

Created by snarfed on Tuesday with 2 more edits by kaja.sknebel.net and boffosocko.com

live tweeting

live tweeting is a particular kind of tweetstorm where the posts are both meaningfully sequential and about an actual event that is happening real time, either attended in person, or viewed remotely, possibly even a viewing of a recording on an event after the fact, but still in real time.

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microformat prefix

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There were several Keynotes at IndieWeb Summit 2018 covering a variety of topics.

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Loqi syntax for a redirect

Loqi syntax for a redirect is newpage is /existingpage.

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Created by Itsericwoodward.com on Sunday


rel is an HTML attribute that has a space separated set of values defined by the rel registry used in the IndieWeb for various discovery purposes such as identity (rel-me), authorship (rel-author), Webmention endpoint, Micropub endpoint, IndieAuth endpoints, etc.

Created by tantek__ on Sunday


Created by Polytechnic.co.uk on Thursday


Thimble is an online code editor to publish web pages and learn HTML, CSS, and Javascript https://thimble.mozilla.org.

Created by gRegorLove on Monday

2018/SF/Guest Book

The Guest Book for attendees of IndieWebCamp SF 2018.

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