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Part of IndieWebCamp 2013.

Start Demos

Day 1: 2013-06-22.

Demonstrate what you have working (selfdogfood) on your indieweb site today:

3 minute demos

Ordered from simplest to most featured:

Posting to your indiewebsite:

  • BradFitz - posting to his own site with Camlistore
  • ...

Posting to your indiewebsite CC material from another site

Posting to your indieweb site POSSEing (e.g. to Twitter)

  • Will Norris - WordPress + Snowflake, automatic to Twitter & FB, manual POSSE to Google+
  • ...

Posting a reply to your indiewebsite and POSSEing the reply to Twitter

  • Tantek - brief demonstration of posting a reply using Falcon
  • ...

Personal site email + Open Badges to leave a site comment:

Logging into your own site with a self-hosted Persona deployment, and posting content


  • Beeminder's Real-Time PESOS by dreeves and bsoule, with assistance from pjf

Smallest Federated Wiki

Self-hosted personal data/photo archives with private hosted WordPress install and a Flickr Clone

Displaying avatars on your site and hosting them on your domain:

Checking in on your own website (posting a checkin) and POSSEing to Foursquare:

  • Ben Werdmuller

Posting a reply to your indiewebsite that itself is a reply to an indie post - showing reply-context

  • Aaron Parecki - p3k
  • ...

Posting a reply to your indie web site and having it show up as a comment on another indie web post:

  • ...



Hack Day Demos

Day 2: 2013-06-23 - ~3 minute hack demos.

Brian Hendrickson

Brian Hendrickson - brianhendrickson.com demo

Using his TrueMVC (see yesterday session from the 2013/Schedule) code/architecture - written in Javascript / Coffeescript.

Posts a comment - sends a webmention to Laurent's Post. Webmention didn't go thru.

Note: Github repo at the bottom of brianhendrickson.com

Posts a comment - sends a webmention to one of Sandeep's posts.

Implemented webmentions, then found out that Storytlr only supports receiving pingbacks.

Style playing with it. Work in progress.

Node code, webmentions, pingbacks. All in there.

Brad Fitzpatrick and Brett Slatkin

Brad Fitzpatrick and Brett Slatkin - Web Fist

Emails from Facebook and Gmail to webfist.org

verify spec rel


Recent changes on webfist.org - modtime, scrypted version of email address, sha1 of the blob that proves that you have the stuff

blob includes a proof URL

querying the proof URL also doing the scrypt thing - there's the raw original email with DKIM that Facebook signed.

Tantek Çelik

Tantek Çelik - tantek.com rel-syndication links and super simple reply-context

Add displaying of rel-syndication and rel-in-reply-to links to Falcon.

E.g. on http://tantek.com/ :

Note the "View on Twitter" link in case you want to go favorite it or reply or otherwise look at it on twitter - marked up with rel-syndication.

Then look at the previous post (left arrow nav)

Note that "View Conversation on Twitter" because this post is a reply, which lets you see the whole conversation on Twitter because I haven't implemented that.

Then in about 7 minutes before the demo deadline, I implemented a super simple reply-context display there at the top that just says "In reply to" and links with rel-in-reply-to to the original post that my reply is a reply to.

Bret Comnes

Bret Comnes - indieweb comments using gh-pages - on Laurent's post, everything but the avatar pic - with manual webmention

Sean McGregor

  • Sean McGregor - Personal Semantic APIs - using iframes to get fine-grained locally controlled access control. modify the experience of every site using greasemonkey scripts.

Jack Senechal and Augustin Bralley

  • Jack Senechal and Augustin Bralley - Camlistore with Node.js and Raspberry Pi

Aaron Parecki

SMS login without password

Aaron Parecki - IndieAuth with SMS and Persona logins

Get the IndieAuth prompt screen

if you add the sms: rel-me link you get a link to use it

A text box shows up.

Enters 4 digit code from his phone.

Logged into IndieWebCamp.com

IndieAuth with email via Persona

Get the IndieAuth prompt screen

if you add the mailto: rel-me link you get a Persona login button

click it - go through the Persona login flow

and you're logged into IndieWebCamp again.

Aaron Parecki and Francois Marier

Aaron Parecki and Francois Marier - IndieAuth as an authentication provider for Persona logins.

Didn't have time to code it - but figured out what the flow needs to be and wrote up a spec https://github.com/fmarier/indieauth-personaidp-spec

As a user all you have to do is serve the support document on your email domain (your own personal email domain). Then you set indieauth.com as the authority for that domain.

Second you set a rel-me to your email address which if it's the same as your web domain you're done.

If your email domain is different from your web domain then you need to setup webfinger to connect the to.

Aaron will post his document on how to do so.

Ben Werdmuller

Ben Werdmuller - likes, working comments, syndication links

1. Fixed his IndieWeb comment presenting setup.

2. Added rel-syndication links to POSSE copies of posts. E.g. photos are linked to their Flickr and Facebook copies.

3. "Favorites". He's going to "like" a like on Sandeep's post. sandeep.io/83 except he prefers stars. Demonstrates Federated liking!


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