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WordPress is a relatively mature CMS used by many Indieweb adherents and is thus a broad topic within the Indieweb wiki with examples on many pages. While many of the bigger topics relating to it can be found it the Wordpress table that appears on many related pages, others can be added to this page by adding the WordPress category to those pages by appending the following code to the bottom of those pages: [[Category:WordPress]].

We recommend using the WordPress category only on pages which are WordPress specific, but which don't logically fit into the {{WordPress}} template at Template:WordPress.


  • POSSE is certainly a topic which relates to WordPress, but shouldn't be added to the category as almost any CMS or other project also could.
  • While Akismet isn't specific to WordPress, it is maintained by Automattic,'s parent company and is primarily, but not exclusively, deployed as a near ubiquitous plugin on WordPress sites.

In some sense this category can be applied to WordPress related pages that might otherwise be orphaned (not included in See Also sections of other pages) or difficult to search for within the wiki by WordPress users who might like to know of their use or deployment within the indieweb.

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