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Next steps for IndieWebCamp and IndieWeb efforts.


Improve Getting Started

In progress of updating Getting Started steps to:

  • simplify steps (create subpages if necessary for longer explanations)
  • reduce steps to only those that are required and have direct benefits
    • i.e. are direct steps toward achieving IndieMark levels in various areas.
    • provide an explicit "Why?" quick and easily understandable explanation of the benefits, the motivating reasons for taking this step. What problems are solved? What new capabilities do you get by taking this step.
  • re-order steps in order of ease of implementation / dependency
  • move nice-to-haves, or simpler side options, to other pages.

I've updated Connect and Personal Domain accordingly (including subsuming short domain as a "bonus" subpart of personal domain) so far and will work on subsequent Getting Started steps accordingly. However, if you want to help with these updates, please go for it and edit accordingly! - Tantek 15:06, 7 May 2013 (PDT)

Currently working on:

  • Partial Solutions - which needs a very heavy rewrite and likely moving of most (if not all) of its content to other pages, since partial solutions are a bit of a branch off/away-from real indieweb support.
  • ...

Improve Why Explanation

  • create subsections on why for frustration, fear, death
  • provide good photo/summary page links (e.g. lightboxes of screenshots) for all corp site failures on site-deaths and why pages.
  • copy each "why" citation for a silo to a Criticisms or Downtime section for that silo

Quoting Embedding Display

Quoting Embedding Display (QED) guidelines:

  • Write IndieWeb versions of embedding/quoting display guidelines for when other sites display indie web posts/content

See: quoting for details and see reply-context for some thinking/progress.


Create additional Tagboards (e.g. ) for IndieWeb related things, and any tags used/mentioned by @indiewebcamp (or @indiewebcampuk) and link them to the respective wiki pages here.

Process Criticism

See Also

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