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IndieWebCamp 2013

IndieWebCamp 2013 was the third annual IndieWebCamp Summit, held - in Portland (OR), right after Open Source Bridge 2013.

Own your data.

We should all own the content we're creating, rather than just posting to third-party content silos. Publish on your own domain, and syndicate out to silos.

Two days of brainstorming & creating at IndieWebCamp 2013 and advancing & growing the indie web.
  • from June 22, 2013 () at 10am through June 23 () at 6pm
  • at Elemental Technologies, 225 SW Broadway, Suite 600 Portland, Oregon.


Additional listings:

Also consider signing up for Open Source Bridge, June 18-21, 2013 also in Portland (register for OSBridge 2013 on Eventbrite).


Remote Indiewebcamp Parties

Indiewebcamp has a strong tradition of remote participation, typically utilising IRC, google hangouts and etherpad during as well as after the event. If you can’t get to the Portland event, consider remote participating or finding/running an indiewebcamp remote party near you.

Indieweb Remote Parties:

  • Reykjavik, Iceland hosted by Vísar (17 Austerstræti, above 1011, 3rd floor). Open to all but we preferably need to know in advance, please contact barnabywalters or @brennannovak on IRC or twitter if you want to come along. Participants:

Get Your Flights and Hotel

Flights: If you're flying from the SF/Bay Area to Portland (PDX), Alaska, Southwest, and Virgin America are recommended and have frequent flights to PDX.


  • Ace Hotel
  • Paramount Hotel
  • ...


See buttons and put one your blog/site sidebar for IndieWebCamp 2013!


Blog and post about IndieWebCamp. See what others are posting:


  • 2013-08-14 WIRED: Meet the Hackers Who Want to Jailbreak the Internet

    Packed into a small conference room in Portland, Oregon, this rag-tag band of coders has quite the online pedigree, and their mission is far more ambitious than you might expect. They hope to jailbreak the internet.

Help Out

  • How to sponsor IndieWebCamp
  • Pre-party - thanks to idno!
  • Venue - thanks to Elemental Technologies!
  • Breakfast Saturday - covered by sponsors
  • Coffee Saturday - thanks to Mozilla!
  • Lunch Saturday - food carts - not sponsored
  • Dinner Saturday - thanks to Google!
  • Breakfast Sunday - covered by sponsors
  • Coffee Sunday - thanks to Mozilla!
  • Lunch Sunday - covered by sponsors




Superfeedr makes RSS feeds realtime by pushing them from publishers to subscribers. We provide both an XMPP and PubSubHubbub/Webhook API and we believe *subscribing* is a key aspect of the IndieWeb. As a user I want to be able to follow my friends on the platform they chose, from the platform I choose!


idno. is a flexible, IndieWeb-compatible platform for building personal and community sites.

Network Redux

Network Redux is a Web Hosting and data service provider based in Portland, Oregon.

Elemental Technologies

Elemental Technologies is graciously hosting the 2013 event.




Put suggestions for Indie Web Camp 2013 here.


This is our unordered "to-do" (GTD next-actions) list for IndieWebCamp 2013. Strike and sign done items and move them to the done section.

Let's move and organize most of these to 2013/Planning.

  • create Calagator event and add it to the lanyrd, plancast links above (and on Main_Page and on Guest_List.
    • tried importing into Calagator, awaiting issue 471 resolution. Tantek 18:04, 27 March 2013 (PDT)
  • Add target audience (Who is this event for?) for web developers & designers.
  • check for 2011 or 2012 pages in the sidebar (via redirects) and fix accordingly
  • Find Sponsors, advertise them through Twitter.
  • Add Login / Register on top left of nav bar, so it's easier to find.
  • buy a bunch of the large sticky note pads (multiple colors is good, extras to share with OSBridge even better)
  • find a place to order Hello My URL is stickers (good to have a supply and suppliers on hand)
    • maybe ask on Twitter for local Portland sticker people
    • or create a template for sticker printing on sticker stationery from a stationery store / OfficeMax / Office Depot
      • be sure to include Name, URL, other URLs (gtalk, twitter, github), and "IndieWebCamp.com/2013" on it.

See also the overall to-do page for IndieWebCamp.com in general.


  • ...

Other Activities

Other Activities to check out in Portland before / after IndieWebCamp

  • ...

See Also

  • To-do - general IndieWebCamp to-do items
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