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IndieWebCamp Brighton 2019 is on , the sixth IndieWebCamp in Brighton, England.

IndieWebCamp Brighton was an all-levels BarCamp-like collaboration in Brighton, England for two days of keynotes, brainstorming, creating, teaching, and helping gain more control over our data and lives online!

Learn how to use open web services, software, and technologies to empower yourself and – maybe more importantly – encourage all users to own their own content and identities.

Bring your laptop and mobile devices, we’ll help you get setup to both publish where you want, and keep control of your content!


Whatever your disability we want to make sure IndieWebCamps are accessible to all. If you consider attending IndieWebCamp Brighton and have specific accessibility requirements, contact us in advance and we'll try to make sure that we are able to accommodate you.

Venue accessibility, from 68 Middle St: The Space:

68 Middle St consists of an Auditorium, Meeting Room and lobby with bar area, all of which is fully wheelchair accessible.

Additional accessibility details or questions, please contact Jeremy Keith via his (contact page).


All participants must agree to:

Please also consider reading:


  • Please reach out to an organizer during the event for any reason, especially if you feel unsafe or unwelcome or feel members are not living up to the standards we set out for ourselves in the above code and guidelines:

Questions about attending and participating?

Remote Participation

Here is how you can participate in IndieWebCamp remotely!

  • Discuss — Join the chat room via IRC, Slack or Matrix
    • This is the primary communications channel during the two day event. This is the best way to talk with other participants and see what's going on.
  • Schedule — Keep an eye on the schedule grid for links to the livestreams and Zoom rooms
    • Intros, demos and sessions will be streamed via Zoom, you do not need an account or app to view. You can download the client ahead of time. This will let you participate in the sessions.


Main article: 2019/Brighton/Schedule
Day 1: Discussions Day 2: Making

09:00 Organizer setup
09:30 Doors Open
10:00 Introduction
10:15 Intros and Demos
11:00 Session Planning
11:40 First Session
12:20 Group Photo
12:30 Lunch
14:00 Sessions
18:00 End of sessions for Day 1

09:00 Organizer setup
09:30 Doors Open
10:00 Day 2 kick-off
10:30 Hack sessions
12:45 Lunch
14:00 Hack sessions continue
16:00 Demos
17:45 Clean-up
18:00 Camp closed

Day 1 is about discussing in a BarCamp-like environment. Bring a topic you'd like to discuss or join in on topics as they are added to the board.

Day 2 is about making things! Direct your inspiration from what we discussed day 1 into something on your site. Work with others or on your own. We'll have demos at the end of the day to see what everyone worked on!



  • Add yourself and what projects you’re working on to the Project Goals page!

Adjacent Events

Travel and Lodging

Local travel by 🚃 rail, 🚗 car, ⛵️ boat, 🚲 bicycle:


  • ✈️ LGW Airport. London Gatwick tends to have more European connections and is the better airport to fly into as it has a quick direct train connection to Brighton.
  • ✈️ LHR Airport. London Heathrow has more international connections and may be more convenient to fly into from overseas.


  • 🚃 From London St. Pancras International: If you are arriving via Eurostar, the easiest and most direct way of getting to Brighton is via Thameslink trains, which depart regularly from Platform A. It costs £10-20 for a ticket. National Rail has all the timetables and costs. Advance tickets are cheaper, but require you to take a specific train.
  • 🚃 From LGW airport: Go to the South Terminal which is connected to the train station where you can buy a ticket to Brighton. The train will drop you off in downtown Brighton about a 15 minute walk from the venue. It costs £10-20 for a ticket. National Rail has all the timetables and costs. Advance tickets are cheaper, but require you to take a specific train.
  • 🚄🚈🚃 From LHR airport: There are a couple of options
    • 🚄 Heathrow Express to London Paddington Station (fastest ~15-20min, has wifi, pricier), OR
    • 🚃 TfL Rail to London Paddington Station (fast ~30min), OR
    • 🚈 London Underground Piccadilly line to London Hammersmith (slower ~80-90min, cheaper)
    • Then:
    • 🚈 London Underground to Victoria, THEN
    • 🚃 Train from Victoria train station to Brighton.

For more information about routes etc.:


🚕 There are local cabs in Brighton, which typically only take cash (£).


🚲 There are three National Cycle Routes within less than 1km of 68 Middle St. Bicycle parking is located inside the venue. Plan your cycle route on CycleStreets.

  • Route 2 follows adjacent to the seafront from locations West/East
  • Route 20 follows London Road and Preston Road from the North
  • Route 90 follows Lewes Road from the North East


🏫 Have a recommended hotel where you have stayed or booked? Add it here:


Individual Session wiki pages


Venue sponsor

68 Middle St is an events space designed to be the home for digital events, local businesses and community groups. Located 50 metres from Brighton beach, 10 minutes walk from Brighton Station and surrounded by great restaurants, bars and shops, 68 Middle Street is in the centre of all Brighton has to offer.

Become a sponsor?

We are currently looking for additional sponsors for this event.

If you're interested, please see How to sponsor IndieWebCamp and contact Jeremy Keith via his contact page to discuss the available options.



Volunteer tasks: (feel free to grab one and put it next to your name in the list above!)

  • setting up the stickers / pins / name badges table (and checking it regularly)
  • setting up the session grid rows and columns in a good spot (see 2016/Brighton for last time)
  • ...


68 Middle Street space details:

  • Main room: capacity 60
  • Breakout room 1: capacity: 6 seated, perhaps a few more standing around, whiteboard
  • Breakout common space: capacity: ~10


Organizer notes and tasks

Questions for Organizers

Add your questions and requests below

  • ...


Put suggestions for IndieWebCamp Brighton 2019 here.

  • follow up on Jeremy Keith's idea for repost licence detection algorithm [1]
  • request from Paul Robert Lloyd: guarantee Remote Participation that is high quality enough to make this statement:
    If you are travelling from further afield, please consider the environmental impact of your travel choices, and remember that you can attend remotely. Remote attendees are equal attendees, and every effort is made to enable two way communication and participation.
  • ...


How did people get here?

To start gathering rough data about the environmental impact of IndieWebCamps, attendees were asked to say where they travelled from, and by what means. For this event:

  • 3 lived locally and walked to the event
  • 3 lived in the UK and travelled by train
  • 6 lived in Europe. 1 travelled by train while 5 others flew (with connections by train)
  • 3 lived internationally and flew to the event.

Some attendees were also planning to attend MozFest, happening the following week in London.


Day 1:

  • Registration counter:

IndieWeb pins and stickers at IndieWebCamp Brighton registration

Eleven IndieWebCamp Brighton participants sitting at tables in an auditorium smiling and facing the front of the room

  • Group photo at lunch:

IndieWebCamp Brighton group photo

Day 2:

Blog posts

  • ...

Notes & Tweets:



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