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IndieWebCamp Hollywood 2013 was the first IndieWebCamp in Los Angeles, held 2013-11-03…04.

See IndieWebCamp Los Angeles for the most recent and a list of all past IndieWebCamps in LA!

Indie Web Camp : Hollywood 2013

Own your data.

Rather than posting content on third-party silos of content, we should all own the content we're creating. Publish on your own domain, and syndicate out to silos.

Join us at The Farmhouse for two days of a BarCamp-style gathering of web creators building and sharing open web technologies to empower users to own their own identities & content, and advance the state of the indie web.

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Sessions notes are in the top level Etherpad:

Individual Session wiki pages - Day 1 (notes transfer in progress, see Etherpad for now)



Day 1

  • 12:00 informal distributed brunch at Kitchen 24
  • 13:00 pre-hack session
  • 15:00 Introductions and kick-off session
  • 15:15 work sessions
  • 17:00 group photo at The Farmhouse
  • 17:30 depart The Farmhouse for dinner at Veggie Grill

Day 2

  • 09:30 doors open at The Farmhouse
  • 10:00 day 2 kick-off
  • 11:00 hack sessions
  • 16:30 demos
  • 17:30 clean-up
  • 18:00 camp closed!


Indie Web Camp : Hollywood 2013 is being organized by

Questions for Organizers

  • What is the capacity of the venue?
    • 150
  • How many rooms will we have for sessions at the venue, how big is each, projectors? whiteboards?
    • The Barn : ~40 people
    • The Living Room / Dining Room / Office : ~20 people
    • 110 Year Old Avocado Tree : ~100 people
    • The Back Patio : ~20 people
    • The Front Porch / Yard : ~20 people


Capacity: 150

Sign-up below to participate in Indie Web Camp : Hollywood 2013:

Alphabetically sorted by full display name.

Photo (128px width) Name (org) Personal URL Stuff I create on/for my site Other (profiles, projects etc.)
Sunday only attendees
9f3a18b8da0a9eaca4b9f145df18c438.png?s=128&format=.png Audrey Eschright http://lifeofaudrey.com github.com/aeschright
4a26fbb273b9a1e5814fad4f8aea07a5.jpg r. kevin nelson (Rdio) http://rkn.la nothing yet @rknLA, github.com/rknLA
Sunday and Monday attendees
photo.jpg Aaron Parecki (Esri) http://aaronparecki.com/ IndieAuth, Webmention API, Photo Archiver @aaronpk, github.com/aaronpk
photo.png Davy Stevenson (Esri) http://davystevenson.com/ @davystevenson, github.com/davy
edward_128x128.jpg Edward Hotchkiss (CandidBlend.LA) http://edwardhotchkiss.com/ github.com/edwardhotchkiss, github/CandidBlend
erin.jpg Erin Richey http://erinjorichey.com/ @erinjo, github.com/erinjo
9955376536_268bcb8396_q.jpg Heather Peterson (G5) http://hrrrthrrr.com @hrrrthrrr
avatar.jpeg Jessica Dillon (G5) http://jessicard.com/ @jessicard, github.com/jessicard
f4b02db456dddd235a58f27a785de3b9?rating=X&size=128&fext=.jpg Jessica Lynn Suttles (G5) http://jlsuttles.me Microformats2 (Ruby Gem) @jlsuttles, github.com/jlsuttles
f95a5b0086a9623387207da983c8141a?size=128&fakefilename=.jpg Reid Beels http://reidbeels.com/ IndieWeb for Communities: Citizenry, Calagator @reidab, github.com/reidab
shane-becker-avatar-small.png Shane Becker (G5) http://veganstraightedge.com NewBase60 (Ruby Gem), Microformats2 (Ruby Gem) (mostly built by @jlsuttles now), @veganstraightedge, github.com/veganstraightedge
logo.jpg Tantek Çelik (Mozilla) http://tantek.com/ CASSIS JS∩PHP (on github), Whistle (URL shortener), Falcon (my CMS), RelMeAuth @t, github.com/tantek

Remote Participants

We'll try to setup remote participation for folks who can't be there in person but can still participate during the camp over IRC and hopefully live video.

Photo (128w) Name (org) Personal URL Stuff I create on/for my site Other (profiles, projects etc.)
5d5a4d-Facing-Down_100x100xCR.jpg Barnaby Walters http://waterpigs.co.uk/ Taproot (indieweb publishing software running my personal site), POSSE Helpers, Indieweb Reply @barnabywalters, github.com/barnabywalters
8d8b82740cb7ca994449cccd1dfdef5f?rating=X&size=128&fext=.jpg Bret Comnes http://bret.io/ Jekyll + Indieweb Stuffs github.com/bcomnes
2889096995a38fa697ab83d8b59a5637?rating=X&size=128&fext=.jpg Jon Neal http://jonathantneal.com/ Browser polyfill combinator Cloud-based app installer

Sharable source code

947b5f3f323da0ef785b6f02d9c265d6?s=128&fext=.jpg Ryan Barrett http://snarfed.org/ activitystreams-unofficial, freedom.io, brid.gy, etc. github.com/snarfed


Sorry to miss you!

Photo (128w) Name (org) Personal URL Stuff I create on/for my site Other (profiles, projects etc.)
saturated.jpg Ben Werdmuller http://werd.io/ idno @benwerd, github.com/benwerd


Our thanks to these sponsors for supporting the event.




Trsst looks and feels like twitter but encrypted and anonymized and decentralized and only you hold the keys

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