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IRC people is a list of IRC regulars sorted by nick(name), with their website and usual timezone(s).

Note: the name of a city does not imply that someone lives there. It's from the list of timezone names. E.g. US 48-state folks can typically just use:

  • "US/Pacific", "US/Mountain", "US/Central", "US/Eastern"


Please keep sorted alphabetically. Please only add yourself, your URL, and your icon, using the irc user template.

Part of the point of this page is to have individuals themselves edit this page and add their URL and icon as they intend it to show up in IRC logs. If you see someone on IRC who lacks a URL or icon, encourage them, per welcoming.

  • ... add yourself (and sort yourself into the above, unless your IRC nickname really is last alphabetically :)

Timezone Aliases

Through usage, it's apparent that having aliases for IANA Time Zone names would help with being more permissive with what people enter for themselves. Here's a list of alias/actual names of time zones:



Why is my image not in the logs

Q: I added my image to the above list of IRC people, and it shows up there, so why isn't it showing up in the logs?

A: Wait five minutes and reload.

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