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Grid of avatars of past IndieWebCamp participants

Welcome to the planning page for future IndieWebCamps!

The IndieWebCamp community is planning numerous upcoming events, including future IndieWebCamps, regular Homebrew Website Club meetups, talks, and other proposals — if you'd like to help, please contribute to this page!.

See each individual IndieWebCamp's home page (typically /Year/City ) for planning specific to that camp.


The following IndieWebCamps are planned! Go sign up!

October 20-21, 2018 Nürnberg

November 3-4, 2018 Berlin


The following IndieWebCamps are currently being planned and need help figuring out a date - help co-organize!

Clustered first by co-organizers that are regularly active in the community (e.g. in IRC), and then ordered roughly by known date if any, then expected/likely dates (in order to see what else there may be planned nearby or elsewhere)


Let's plan more 2018 IndieWebCamps!

If you live in one of the cities / states / countries below and are interested, add your name!

If you know of a suitable venue for hosting, add that as a possibility.

If you have a particular month of the year to recommend, add that!

Please offer your opinion/preference with a nested list item and +1/0/-1 signed!

General planning date notes:

  • December is tough due to holidays and lots of other events. Exception: a one day IWC e.g. 2015/SF.
  • November first half is the likely last chance to plan an IWC for the year.


Interested in participating!

Interested? Add yourself above and to the dates below with whether you can make it (pref) or not (+1/0/-1).

Dates - planning for September:

  • Possible Venues and Partners Contacted
    • Trying to team with university school club to get space for free.
    • NYU Computer Science Clubs and Computer Science Department (made follow up phone contact).
    • Hunter College
    • Craig Newmark Graduate School of Journalism at CUNY (declined no space during academic year)
    • Parsons College
    • Teachers College at Columbia University
    • Snowball tweet and LinkedIn to nonprofits
    • Pace University
    • The Equity Project Charter School
    • Renaissance Charter High School for Innovation
    • Harlem Hebrew Language Academy Charter School
    • Inwood Academy for Leadership Charter School
    • Harlem Link Charter School (Declined, would need one fiscal year to plan)
    • Harbor Science and Arts Charter School (will not reply to 7/16)
    • Zeta Charter Schools
    • Success Academy
    • TechConnect Columbus NYC Library Branch
    • TechConnect at NYPL
    • The Cathedral School
    • Practical Programming
    • TiE Network Manhattan Chapter
    • Galvanize Code School
    • Code Now NYC
    • New York Urban League
    • Emma Hodge, Dalberg Associates (Dalberg is moving offices and unavailable)
    • Kelly Yin New York Library
    • Digital Storytelling Lab University of Columbia
    • HiveNYC-bringing up IWC at next Board meeting 2018-07-16
    • Meeting with Pace University Computer Science 7/23 11 am edt
    • Meeting with Kelly Yim, Director of Adult Learning 7/24 3 pm edt
  • Possible Keynotes
    • Jess Klein UX and Open Source Communities (invited)
    • Ioana Literat Building Infrastructure for Participatory Learning (invited)
    • Atul Varma Decentralized Browsers and/or those with the Least need IndieWeb the most (invited)
  • Confirmed Keynote
    • Maha Bali Increasing Equity Through Remote Participation (remote)
  • Possible Sponsors
  • Data Intelligence

Old NYC Planning:

Previously could help co-organize:

Old Possible dates:

Nearby 2018 Events

To keep in mind while planning


We haven't had an Indiewebcamp Online since 2014/Online. Let's start talking about bringing back the medium.

Venue: Internet!

Can help co-organize:

Interested in participating!

Possible dates?

Previously: 2014/Online

San Francisco

IndieWebCamp SF!

Venue: Likely Mozilla SF, would consider other venues, especially for size

IndieWebCamp SF!

Can help co-organize:

Interested in participating!

Then add possible months/dates and your +1/0/-1 and name to the possible dates:

Possible months:

  • February?
  • ...

Possible dates:

  • ...
  • other dates?

Nearby events:

  • ...

Previously: 2015/SF

Los Angeles

IndieWebCamp LA!


  • Yahoo! has previously expressed interest in hosting on their campus in West LA/Culver City
    • 2017-08-29 Conversations moving forward. Looking at January/February Dates
  • DreamHost may be interested in hosting. Ask Jonathan LaCour.

Who is interested in helping co-organize?

Interested in participating:

Possible dates:

Nearby events:

Previously: 2016/LA


Planned for 2018!

Venue: Mozilla Berlin (3 rooms, capacity 10 each, can be made into one room for 30-50)

Dates: 2018-11-03…04


Interested in participating!

Nearby events:

Previously: 2017/Berlin


Venue: likely can get W3C to host at MIT

Can help co-organize:

Interested in participating!

Possible/preferred months: September?

Possible dates?

Previously: 2016/MIT


Venue: Likely 68 Middle st. like in previous IWC Brighton

Can help co-organize:

Interested in participating!

Possible/preferred months: October?

Possible dates?

  • 2018-??-??
    • ...

Nearby events:

Previously: 2016/Brighton

New Locations

Sorted roughly by number and availability of co-organizers, then dates.


Venue: ??

(co-)organized by:

  • Garrett Coakley - "I’m interested in organising an IndieWebCamp Oxford this year."
  • ...

Interested in participating!



Venue: ???

Co-organized by:

Can help co-organize:

Interested in participating!

Possible dates:

  • November something. Per conversation on 2017-02-15, shooting for around SeaGL 2017
    • SeaGL dates are now set: 2017-10-06..2017-10-07
  • ...

Other events:

  • ...

Washington DC

IndieWebCamp DC (would be the first!)

Venue: ???

Can help co-organize:

Interested in participating!

  • David Shanske can try to come down to DC due proximity to NYC
  • Tantek Çelik
  • Chris Aldrich - may have access to large, suitable venue at the School of Advanced International Studies; ping me as planning proceeds; I can also help with possible institutional space with wifi at the Johns Hopkins Homewood campus in Baltimore
  • Add yourself here… (see this for more details)

Related nearby conferences:

  • AEA is July 10-12 I know there was some discussion about trying to sync a couple of IWC and AEA in 2017
  • ...

Possible dates: (organizers please add some!)

  • 2017-??
  • ... Fall in DC tends to be pretty nice!


IndieWebCamp Florida!

Venue: ???

Can help co-organize:

Interested in participating!

  • Hector Iribarne
    • southeast Florida[1]
  • David Shanske
    • Miami - {gwg} would be interested in attending as interest was expressed.
  • Tantek Çelik definitely interested in returning to Orlando
  • Tyler Gillies I go annually to Orlando [January], would be cool to have one there.
  • David G. Johnson I live in Southwest Florida (Sarasota) but Tampa, Orlando or Miami are within easy driving distance. Planning to be in Miami in late Feb for WordCamp.
  • Shane Becker I'm interested in a Florida IWC, especially one where I can swim in the ocean or gulf easily.
  • ...

Possible dates:

  • 2017-??-??
  • Orlando WordCamp is 2017-11-11..12
  • ... suggest more dates! (Possibly in conjunction with Orlando WordCamp if there's a 2017 date?)

Main article: Providence

Venue: ???

Can help co-organize:

Interested in participating!


Venue: ???

Can help co-organize:

Interested in participating:

Maybe align with a different event? Malmöfestivalen / The Conference?

Needs interested participants and possible dates! Would also be helpful with some additional core contributors attending, to ensure enough content at event.

Would be great to set a date 4-6 months in advance, to ensure time to plan a proper event.


Venue: Makers of Barcelona

Organized by: Mark Hendrickson

Interested in participating:

Possible dates: ?


Venue: ???

Organized by: ???

Interested in participating:

More Locations

More new possibilities:

Past locations:


IndieWebCamp Edinburgh

Venue: ???

Can help co-organize:

Interested in participating!

Previously: 2015/Edinburgh

Potential Cities

The following are twinkles in co-organizer's eyes - help find a venue and/or narrow to a date range!

  • Seattle - would be great to host something like this in 2017, maybe co-sponsor with co-working space/venue
  • ...

Other possible cities - no specific plans or dates - just expressions of interest (which is fine too!). Feel free to add your city and sign it, indicating how you can help make it happen.

Help Out

Want to help out with one of those? Say something in IRC and add yourself to the page.

David Shanske is willing to help out with an Indiewebcamp, providing support and planning to the extent possible. This would include some volunteering. Depends on what is needed and when and is willing to try to work with anyone who needs help in the Northeastern United States, and possibly farther afield if sufficient notice.


Want to organize a 2018 IndieWebCamp in your town and don't see it above?

Start with:

  1. Find at least one committed co-organizer. This is the most important step.
  2. Add a link above to [[2018/YourCity]]
  3. Click it and create the new page, and continue with the steps listed in:

Homebrew Website Club

Having trouble finding a co-organizer for your city or unsure how to organize an IndieWebCamp by yourself?

Start a Homebrew Website Club chapter in your city to gather interested individuals and gauge interest in a full weekend IndieWebCamp!


Creator camp not a hackathon

Q: Is IndieWebCamp a hackathon?

A: IndieWebCamps are creator camps focused on helping everyone develop, grow, and advance their personal indieweb presence.

The term "hackathon" has become to mean some sort of short term event where a group of people come up with a typically new project to develop just for the sake of the hackathon, often in a competitive environment, and often for prizes donated by one or more sponsors.

IndieWebCamp resembles that only in the aspect of group collaboration.

  • IndieWebCamp encourages you to work on and improve your existing personal site, not just a new site (unless you need a new site!)
  • IndieWebCamp encourages you to work on your personal site in a way that encourages longevity and your personal use beyond the camp itself.
  • IndieWebCamp focuses on collaboration instead of competition. There are all sorts of different experts at IndieWebCamp and we do our best to both ask questions of each other and help each other!
  • The prize(s) you win at IndieWebCamp are your own improved personal website, hopefully with new features you can then use day-to-day after the camp has completed!

As we do "hack" on stuff (our own websites), IndieWebCamps do have a "hack day" component of it, but certainly not "hackathon" in the commonly understood "corporate hackathon" sense.

Past Planning Notes

(lets figure out a way to archive past year's planning discussions, because the considerations/possibilities therein may help with future planning)

gRegor Morrill: My current steps for archiving:

  1. Add the event to IndieWebCamps if it isn't there already
  2. Add the event sub-page "Planning" if it doesn't exist yet, e.g. 2017/Planning
  3. Add a section == Initial Planning == to the event's Planning page
  4. Add a note in the new section "This is an archive of the initial planning for [event name], originally found here."
  5. Link the text "originally found here" to the latest, specific revision of this page where the notes last appeared.
  6. Copy/paste the latest planning notes from this page
  7. Remove the now-archived planning notes from this page.

Baltimore 2018

Main article: archived planning notes

Austin 2017

Main article: archived planning notes

NYC 2017

Main article: archived planning notes

Dortmund 2017

Main article: planning notes
(planning took place on event page itself)

2017 Summit

Main article: archived planning notes

HWC 2016

2016 Homebrew Website Club start date! Should we start the 2016 HWC meetups on:

  • 2016-01-06 only one week after 2015-12-30,
    • but avoids having a meetup land the day before US Thanksgiving
    • 0 Tantek Çelik ok with this. no longer any preference.
    • 0 gRegor Morrill OK with this. Not attending an HWC currently so does not impact me.
  • 2016-01-13 two weeks after 2015-12-30,
    • but collides with Wednesday before US Thanksgiving thus unlikely to have much (any) participation at US venues.
    • 0 Tantek Çelik ok with this.

Based on lack of strong input on this, we are going with the default continuing every two weeks from 2015-12-30 and starting 2016 HWC with 2016-01-13. - Tantek 14:56, 23 December 2015 (PST) (updated, no objections, going with this plan. Tantek 07:51, 31 December 2015 (PST))

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